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Low Cross-section Tyres


Of course these wheels have a number of special features to marvel at, compared with a normal run-of-the-mill tyre. Let's begin with the bolted rim-bowl, then we move our attention all the way out to the asymetrical tread which stipulates a certain rolling direction (rotation). However, the real reason for this picture, is the height-to- width ratio of 25%. Surely one must ask oneself, how on earth is this tyre mounted, and when will we return to the solid rubber tyre...


A tyre of this type, is e.g., the 305/25 R 20 Z. This section only explains the first two numbers. First of all, the above shown tyre measures 305 mm at its widest point (from flank to flank). This has nothing directly to do with the tread. This is applicable only under standardised air-pressure conditions on a standardised rim, which is specially stipulated for each and every tyre-width. Of course, not all 305 tyres are the same width. One speaks here, of a grid-dimension. With the description '305', all tyres from 300 to 309 mm are embraced. If one now assumes the middle width value, the height of a 25 cross-section must be 25% of the width, thus, at least 76 mm. The wider a tyre is, the lower its cross-section can be, if it's to be mountable at all.


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