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Rim Hump


The rim beading means, in this case something like 'hump'. It was introduced with the conversion to tubeless tyres. It should prevent the tyre slipping off into the deep bed and the sudden loss of a lot of air, e.g., during hard cornering.

How it works

With steel wheel rims one can see the bead from the outside because the wheel rim has an appropriate groove. With alloy wheels it is cast into the rim. Sometimes it is only found outside, ('H' in the rim code) and sometimes, outside and inside ('2H' in the rim code). With this wheel rim one can recognise that it is rather more necessary on the outside than on the inside.With the mounting of tyres, the beading must be surmounted. In this case, a specific excess pressure of approx. 3-4 bar is induced. Mostly the tyre then gets over this barrier with a loud bang. Afterwards the pressure must, of course, be reduced accordingly. 06/09