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Multi Point Injection


The multi-position injection supplies every cylinder with the same mixture. Because the fuel is injected only at the end of the inlet manifold, there is no fuel condensation on the inlet manifold walls.

How it works

The injector per cylinder is arranged in each case shortly before the intake valve (inlet manifold injection). Via a distributor pipe these injectors are supplied with fuel, going through a pump and a filter first. The pressure control valve at the end of the distributor pipe makes excess fuel flow back to the tank. It is connected through the spring chamber with the inlet manifold of the engine and regulates according to the inlet manifold pressure 2 - 3 bar injection pressure. The pressure difference between distributor pipe and inlet manifold remains constant, in spite of different pressures in the inlet manifold. The injection amount is dependent exclusively on the injection pulse timing.Provided that it does not concern a sequential injection, all injectors inject together or in case of more than four cylinders in 2 groups.


Inductive pickup (position of the crankshaft, engine speed), mass air flow meters (figure), lambda sensor and temperature sensor (coolant), throttle switch.


Injectors, stroke valve for fuel return, relay (fuel pump), idle running-filling regulator.

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