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1Fuel reservoir
2Fuel pump
3Fuel filter
4Injection valves
5System pressure regulator
6Digital control unit
7Pump relay
8Auxiliary air valve
9Throttle valve switch
10Throttle adjustment
11Manifold pressure gauge*
12Temperature sensor cooling
13Speed sensor (distributor)
*Integrated temperature measurement

Of course, you expect at the company's history, the declaration of a number of Weber carburettors for which this company has become famous. We decided to refer to the Wikipedia page in this case, because the story is described there very well. In addition, you will find below two videos in which the assembly of two typical Weber side draught carburettors is shown.

The less-known activity of the company in the field of fuel-injection system shall be shown here. Top of the picture you will find these somewhat shown schematically. Only thing missing is the reference mark sensor on the crankshaft pulley. Otherwise this is a very usual sequential petrol injection with a digital control unit, for example, to find in the Lancia Prisma from 1982 and Fiat Croma from 1985.

Fuel is aspirated and pumped by the electric fuel pump with 2 to 3.5 bar in the nowadays rail referred tube. Magnetic valves are opened suitable for each cylinder and inject in the end of the suction tube. The control device determines the amount of fuel to be injected by means of the intake manifold pressure, air temperature and the engine speed. Later, the lambda control has been integrated.

Noteworthy is really only the an auxiliary air slider not dissimilar control for the cold idle, but here enhanced by recording the temperature of the coolant.Despite the presence of a distributor this is already a Motronic here, wherein the ignition is also controlled by the control unit. Advantage: The tests of fuel and holding pressure, supply rate and tightness, as well as the idle setting are not very different from those in Bosch systems. 06/14               Top of page               Index
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