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2021 VW Polo

One rubs one's eyes in amazement, can a new car become cheaper for once in these turbulent days. This could happen with the new Polo, if it really is offered for around €16,000 with manual air conditioning and LED lights as standard. VW has been asking for about €1,500 for this so far, and the latter was not even achievable for a Trendline.

Certainly, since 2017 the price of the Polo has also risen by a whopping €2,700 in price. So maybe they can let up a little now, if it becomes a reality. And it's also really no problem to get the new one up to the € 24,000. But look, the new Dacia Sandero is considered the absolute cheap champion in its class at € 8,690, and if you configure it even somewhat sensibly, you'll end up with around €11,500.

But VW has also announced that it will spare customers the confusing details of configuration in the future and create more packages. We didn't find the previous price list all that confusing, especially since at least the two goodies mentioned slipped into the series, but suspect that some of the savings mentioned will be used for unnecessary details.

Enough talk about money, you can follow it yourself. What is the new Polo? It's chic, even more grown up, with sharpened headlights at the front, connected by a kind of light bar, and at the back, finally, with split lights, also a certain small investment. Has not even the ID.3. Inside makes a lot of lawai around novelties, but so much has not actually changed even the steering wheel.

Only still digital cockpits.

By the way, be careful once again, because the R equipment is always shown. Not that the single version comes along again with a steering wheel without any buttons at all. Although, who likes it? Otherwise, everything is digital and, above all, connectivity. Who needs it and after a certain grace period wants to pay for it? And then we get to feel the consequences of e-mobility in a negative way, because after the Diesel in the previous revision, they have now also deleted the beautiful 1.5 gasoline engine. Is that a diet that is slowly spreading?

But there will be a GTI again.

1975 VW Polo (1. generation)
1981 VW Polo (2. generation)
1994 VW Polo (3. generation)
2001 VW Polo (4. generation)
2005 VW Polo GTI
2009 VW Polo (5. generation)
2014 VW Polo GTI
2017 VW Polo (6. generation)
2018 VW Polo GTI

The new Polo now with Travel-Assist.

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