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Renault - History 5

Hardly a car factory underwent so many changes such as Renault after the Second World War. Louis Renault in prison, and died shortly thereafter, the factory heavily damaged and nationalized. One had thought the comeback after the war quite different. Because in addition to war production, a new model was developed, the 4 CV. It nevertheless became a success.

Should both a number of cars with rear as well as later with front-wheel drive serve as a starting point. Representing the first are mentioned here the Dauphine and for the latter the R4 and the R16. Even though the importance of France shrank on the European and world market,

Renault remained in its own country among the first two/three and led in exports, for example, to Germany, too.

Also sportive it continued. Not only by taking over Alpine in 1973 and winning the Monte Carlo Rally. In the nineties, there were six world championships in Formula 1. Also competitions for private motorsportsman were strongly promoted, there arose strange

vehicles, estate cars externally, internally mid engines. It has been kept affordable by many large series parts, and even licensed for the streets.

Renault has been privatized again and became a public company in 1990. The hitherto existing model range had to be expanded and modified. The company worked intensively on a new image as 'createur d'automobile'. These included small one compartment cars (Twingo and Scenic), a partially greatly different design (Megane), particularly good showing at the safety standards well with small cars and a cheap car, but that the mentioned safety of the body could not guarantee completely. A special good idea was proved with the acquisition of Nissan , where one returned to profit in an unexpectedly short time. 11/13

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