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Renault 4 CV

It is the first French car that exceeds a number of production of one million. The name 4 CV comes from the motor vehicle tax, which is to pay for this car. 'Chevaux Vapeur' are steam horsepower with which is compared the performance of the engine. Its concept was born during the Second World War and is to be related with the VW Beetle. When the car is presented, it is nothing left over except the engine assembly.

It has been the post-war typical pontoon body, but still the rear-hinged front doors, as many cars of that time. Although it did not look at from the outside, it has four adult entry and also space. Its form is divided. he has been nicknamed 'cream cake' because of the beige color on the first prototypes, which, incidentally, before from the Germans is used as desert camouflage.

It maintained almost unchanged during the long production time and, in principle, inherited its power drive and parts of its drive even its successor, the Renault 4, although it represents a completely different car. His rear-engine principle is still transferred several Renault models. 04/11

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