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VW Beetle

Until 19530,5 Mio.
Until 19551 Mio.
Until 19572 Mio.
Until 19604 Mio.
Until 19615 Mio.
Until 197215 Mio.


The VW-Beetle has no longer been built in Germany for nearly 30 years. Previously it had played an important role in the boosting of the German export economy. As can be seen in the production figures, it fulfilled its assignment brilliantly. The Beetle is responsible for the success of the VW company today, a success which could, by no means, be taken for granted in the postwar turmoil.


Even though the Toyota Corolla was produced in even greater numbers (approx. 30 million), only the name however, remains common to the first model. With the VW Beetle, this was not the case. It was built in Germany until 1988, approx. 22 million vehicles, with only slight changes in the technology of 1934, e.g., a car body with a drag coefficient (wind resistance) of 0.48 were manufactured.
Maintained were:
-the rear-mounted engine,
-the air cooling,
-the spherical shape.

Model upgrading (examples)

1932Design by Ferdinand Porsche
1953Rear window without web
1957Larger rear window
1960Indicator replaced
19651300 cm³, 30kW (40 HP) at 4000 rpm
89 Nm at 2000 rpm
1967Three-point seat belt
19701302 S with spring struts, semi-trailing arm axle
and increased luggage compartment
1972World master (15 Mill.)

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