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1981 DeLorean

Americans sometimes have wet eyes when they hear the name 'DeLorean', so popular is this attempt by a former GM manager to break out of the tight-knit American auto world of 1975. The car looks almost identical on black and white and color photos. This is due to its gray outer skin.

From this material there was already a single Porsche 911 in 1967, at that time for advertising purposes commissioned by the company Edelstahl Rostfrei. The brushed version of the DeLorean is standard equipment. Chic but sensitive, because for every little dent you need a specialist.

Mentioned must be the legendary 300 SL, still another German car whose gullwing doors have probably impressed more. Even Elon Musk took it over to the Model X. But while the undersides fold in there, the Delorean creates its opening with only 14 inch extra width.

The body designed by Giugiaro still inspires till today. Almost still more the chassis with a small piece of central tube, which then spreads to both sides. At the front, a triangular tank is just right up to the front axle, and behind the gearbox. Yes, it is a rear engine, a V6 bought from PSA. The 65 percent weight on the rear axle of the DeLorean may be a little problematic.

Almost even more, however, due to the low engine output, which is also not much according to European standards. The engine comes from a joint project of Volvo, Peugeot and Renault, while from the latter is also the five-speed gearbox. The V6, which should actually be a V8, although already has a KA-Jetronic, but the additional weight of the catalyst gives him the rest in terms of performance.

The engine of the Renault Alpine A 310 has more power.

The end of the DeLorean Motor Company is in the face of disastrous sales. We remain silent about the lack of development time, the Labor Party's unfortunate subsidy policy for Northern Ireland, and a number of allegations against John DeLorean and Colin Chapman, who was involved in the process of completing the process. 11/18

John DeLorean did from a humble background, but since joining GM, at this time the largest car factory in the world, a fabulous career up to vice president. He was for example responsible for the appearance of the GTO and the Firebird for Pontiac and later for Chevrolet. Only his extravagant lifestyle and his arrogance probably did not fit at all to the style of a usually very conservative concern director. In 1975, he went in anger and decided to establish his own car factory and to show it his former colleagues.

In the civil war-torn Northern Ireland with 25 percent unemployment, he received nearly 100 million subsidies of the British government and wanted to add twice as much from his own or borrowed capital. The first project he had in mind was a sports car, which he let develop from one of the most popular designers (Giugiaro). The resulting form it was probably that the heart made beat faster almost everywhere, but especially in USA. The original concept of a mid- engine sports car was still in demand in 1975, not only in U.S.

Unfortunately, nothing will come of it, because as a sole proprietor with small numbers still can not build the power drive by itself. And that Ford does not supply an ex-GM man and possible competitor, DeLorean could have imagined before. Thus, despite building progress of the factory, the project dragged. Even for a development order at Porsche the time was too short. As power drive was found only the engine used of Peugeot, Renault and Volvo, due to the oil-price crisis trimmed from V8 to V6, so probably the 90° cylinder angles.

Because in the Renault 30 used as front-wheel drive and in the Alpine A 310 as rear drive, it fitted in the DeLorean together with the gear unit, however, allegedly no more as mid-mounted engine. Colin Chapman, who finally took over the development conceived it as a rear engine because of the short time and connects it with the front axle with a beautiful to behold backbone type frame, that both front and rear diverged in the form of a fork. Amazingly, that despite these gentle interior design, there was very little space for tall people on the driver's seat.

911 little more expensive but processed better and was much faster.

Even worse, it was with the engine performance. Already for a sports car particularly scarce, took the just upcoming emissions legislation (with catalytic converter, etc.) so much of the already not abundant 96 kW (131 hp), that in the end, despite increase in displacement from 2.7 to 2.85 liters remained only 95 kW (130 hp) and the this time was even measured according to SAE standard. So it still could to be fast nearly 200 km/h, but without adequate acceleration.

It was not until January 1981 to December 1982 that production of approximately 9,000 vehicles began. It costed $ 25,000 at first and later significantly more. Allegedly it was designed to be especially durable, what it owes his stainless steel car body shell. All DeLorean thus have the same painting. Simultaneously, the material is though harder and more difficult to process than normal steel plate, whereby the processing suffers too equal clearance. Indeed, it was said to have been not the best processing.

Two-thirds of the cars should still be ready to drive . . .

Between car body shell and backbone type frame the actual body consisted of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, but the sensational wing doors were not very easy to handle because of its ingerdiants. They were probably the reason that gave the car still such an attention. Maybe the installation of the 'flux capacitor' between both seats, the from the sports car in the cartoon series 'Back to the Future' made a time machine. And that's by far not the only film in which the car acted.

His producer John DeLorean has brought the car no luck in any case. Looking for more financiers he came to drug-dealers and got caught with them. Gone the luxurious life and marriage with supermodel and actress Christina Ferrara. John DeLorean died aged 80 in 2005 at a brain impact.

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