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Renault Alpine A 310

The car still needs to make compromises. For example, the liquid-cooled V6 in the rear. Sure, the also has a cylinder block from aluminum (with cast iron liners) but nevertheless, a fairly lever arm it is. At least one has replaced the outdated swing axle. And when the undercarriage is set correctly, the car should master curves and fast straights.

The engine is of course almost the opposite of previous Alpine technology, plenty of displacement and more designed for elasticity. It is a joint development of Volvo, Peugeot and Renault. Unusual, the register-like arrangement of each one single and twin carburetor. After all, it ensures with a low drag coefficient and once again particularly low height of the body for attractive driving performance, although the can not beat the of the predecessors.

It should just all be a little more comfortable. Therefore, an additional pane of glass ensures noise isolation rearward. With two children in the car none at all. One has not succeeded despite collapsible spare tyre with compressor to create more space for luggage. Also the front hood must be opened for refueling.

For such simple solutions the car is too expensive. So the seats are from the considerably cheaper R5 Alpine and one also still advertises therewith. A major reason for the high purchase price might be the handcrafted workmanship. But that also means a lot of rework in the elimination of body damages, because the parts do not fit instantly. The insurance premium then puts the costs over the edge.

Nevertheless, the car is pleasant to look at and in contrast to its successor, it has preserved the style of Alpine. It's still a compact and manoeuvrable car. Finally, a Porsche is to see on every corner in some tourist areas. This surely does not happen with the A 310, especially outside France. 12/13

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