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  Great Britain 4

The number of manufacturers swells quickly as the number of existing vehicles. 1910, the threshold of 100,000 has been exceeded. Almost half a century, the country will have to live with the taxation of piston surface and number of cylinders. Anyone who has invented this, wanted to promote the long stroke and therewith sufficient torque in the lower speed range. For that, the engines lack at higher speeds. To the time usually three-speed transmission is added the Overdrive.

The British constructions may seem conventional up to modern times, there are always variations present, which have a decisive influence on the technical world.So you have to attribute the first V8 not the Americans, but Rolls-Royce. Also overhead camshafts and self-supporting bodies are been installed early in Britain, although it is attributed to the Germans and the Italians.

We return to the time shortly after the First World War. Whether the trend from Bugatti or Peugeot will be triggered remains unclear. Although the British are by far not as affected by the economic recession as Germany, at least, the demand falls back more on Cycle-Cars, simple vehicles, whose technique more reminiscent of bicycles.

This ended only with the Rover Eight and still much more with the Austin Seven (picture), which spreads as an exemplary construction through Europe far as the USA and Japan. BMW for example owes this simple carts the existence of its automobile production. Among the 8 (of 65 once) firms that survive the consequences of the 'Black Friday' to some extent in 1929, Morris is probably the most important. However, all eight have changed their production methods according to America's role model.

Rolls-Royce saves itself into the aviation industry.

Mid-thirties Morris boasts of the largest production line in Europe. Besides the rivalry between Morris and Austin, of course, one should not forgot Ford. The model T has scooped the market in the decade before and was not to trump. Now the successor models come, some of which will even be made in the UK. England has just been Ford's first European base and will remain preferred in regard to Germany until just before the very end of the British automotive industry. 10/13

1919: Ford market share more than 40 percent

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