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 Engine Oil-Finder

Developement of cars producing companies

Below each year, is the highest price, at the time, for one liter of premium petrol in Germany (converted to Euro cents), below the production figures in Germany in millions ...
160 ct
Due to China and USA market: VW +15,8 bn, Daimler +6 bn (6% yield), BMW +4,9 bn, Porsche+1,46 bn (13% yield), because of (South) European crisis: Minus at Ford, Fiat, PSA and Opel -0,5 bn, (Bochum once 20.000 now 3200), VW now holds approx. 73% common shares MAN, 7% PSA -> GM, stop production in Western Europe (Mitsubishi), China takes over even the 5th German automotive supplier, who wants to sell in China must produce there at 30% import duty
152 ct
Worldwide sales: 1. GM, 2. VW, 3. Toyota, VW + 7,2 bn, Daimler +4,7 bn, BMW + 3,2 bn, Porsche +1,21 bn, Germany: about 52 million cars (about 2 million SUVs), of which about 14 million VW Group, 5,2 million Opel, Ford 3,4 million BMW 3,1 million, Hyundai's largest more winner, Renault's largest importer, average age of cars around 8.5 years (D), Audi overtakes Mercedes, Pkw-USA: 4% hybrid, 2% diesel, 1 million German cars, VW pays € 3.4 billion for approximately 56% of MAN, U.S. engine factory (Daimler + Infiniti/Nissan)
140 ct
70% of GM -> US-Government, in China each year 7 million new cars
120 ct
Euro 5 for passenger car diesel engines, Chrysler (35%) -> Fiat, 41.3 million cars (D)
155 ct
Automobile production: 1. Toyota, 2. GM, 3. VW
The price of one barrel of oil reaches almost $150, the price of one liter, over $1 (€ 0,70, US), death of Pininfarina-successor, Jaguar -> Tata (India), automobile production: 80 companies (40 countries), 69 m tot, 12 million commercial vehicles, 46.6 million cars (D)
133 ct
Seatbelt use-rate 95%, approx. 5000 road deaths per year (D), Daimler sells the majority to Chrysler -> Daimler AG, Aston Martin (Ford -> investment group), one liter of normal petrol 0,8 - 1 Dollar (US), (US), one barrel of crude-oil (159/liter) crosses the 100-Dollar-mark, EU plans max. CO2 -emission of 120 g/100km until 2012, increased discussions about the climate change, Al Gore is awarded the Nobel prize, price of a liter of premium € 0,17 (Qatar), vehicle production: 72 million, 46.6 million cars (D)
129 ct
OBD for utility vehicles, Mercedes R-Class, vehicle production: 67.6 million, 46.1 million cars (D)
122 ct
250 million cars (VW, D), vehicle documents -> EU-standard, Mercedes B-Class, separation of GM - Fiat, petrol-price in S-Arabia: € 0,13/liter, world:> 850 million vehicles, production: 64.7 million
BMW 1xx, Seat Altea, BMW K 1200, MZ 1000 S, Daewoo -> GM, Aprilia -> Piaggio, MV -> Proton, vehicle production: 63 million, 45.4 million cars (D)
109 ct
1. GM 8,6 million
Toyota 6,8 million
Ford 6,7 million
Total: 59,2 million
300 million Fords, 1600 filling stations for bio-Diesel (D), Porsche Carrera GT, Rolls Royce -> BMW, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ducati 999, 44,7 million vehicles (D)
105 ct
One barrel of oil $26, Hummer 2 (GM, US), motor cycles V max. 299 km/h (manufacturer, D), Honda (MOT approved fuel cell vehicle, J), prototype 1 liter-car (VW, D)
103 ct
370 billion DM turnover (automobile industry, D), every seventh job is dependent on the automobile industry (D), Alfa 147, Suzuki GSX 1400, GM + AvtoVAZ (joint venture, Russia), Guzzi + Laverda -> Aprilia, Derbi (E) -> Piaggio (I), car production: 55 million, 43,8 million vehicles (D)
102 ct
EOBD for the Otto-engine, Euro 3 for Diesel car engines, national registration letter/s in the number plate (EU), Peugeot (Diesel-particle- filter), motor car Diesel share approx. 33% (D), Euro-drivers licence, BMW Z8, Saab -> GM, car production: 57,7 million, 42,8 million vehicles (D)
87 ct
VW pump-nozzle-TDI, hybrid drive standard production (Honda), BMW X5, Seat Leon, Delphi Automotive Systems, Suzuki (Hayabusa, SV 650), Renault + Nissan, Daimler + Chrysler + Mitsubishi (34%), Fiat ~ GM, Maserati -> Ferrari
81 ct
175 HP-production motorcycle, Top nearly 300 km/h (Suzuki, J), Alfa 156, Honda Varadero 1000, Daimler + Chrysler, Lamborghini -> VW, Bentley -> VW
85 ct
A-Class (DB, D), BMW Z-3, Toyota Prius I, 100-HP-limit (motorcycles) canceled, Klöckner-Humbold- Deutz -> Deutz AG, Maserati -> Fiat
83 ct
250 million cars (Ford, US), Porsche Boxster, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Jaguar XK8, MZ -> Hong Leong
79 ct
Joint Venture GM - Shanhai Automotive Industry Corporation, Ferrari F50, Suzuki Bandit 600, car production: approx. 50 million, 36,3 million cars (D)
80 ct
Peugeot 806, Ferrari 355, McLaren F1, Aston Martin last 25% -> Ford, Lamborghini -> Megatech
71 ct
Emission inspection, VW TDI, Fiat Punto, Lamborghini Diabolo, Aston Martin DB 7, BMW F 650, Honda CB 500
72 ct
VW T4, Jaguar XJ, Chrysler Viper (V10, US), V-12 Bugatti, KTM-Enduro
68 ct
Bugatti EB 110, BMW K 75, New Holland N. V., joint Venture GM - Toyota, Škoda partially -> VW, VW + Ford -> Sharan-Galaxy
61 ct
The end of the Citroen 2CV, the end of the Trabant, Honda NSX, Lamborghini Diablo, Aprilia Pegaso, Cosworth -> Vickers, Maserati -> Fiat, car diesel share approx. 11% (D), car production: 46,5 million, 35,5 million vehicles (D)
58 ct
Super Plus petrol (D), Mazda MX-5, Nissan 300 ZX, Jaguar -> Ford, Saab 50% -> GM, Austin off the market, Yamaha FZR 600, Kawasaki ZXR 750, Ducati 900 Supersport
50 ct
Jaguar XJ 220, BMW Z1, Honda Gold Wing
52 ct
7-series BMW also with twelve-cylinder engine, Ferrari F40, Lamborghini -> Chrysler, Aston Martin 75% -> Ford, Puch -> Piaggio
54 ct
Lead-free petrol (D), Toyota Supra, Paso 750 (Ducati), Seat -> VW, Alfa Romeo -> Fiat, Innocenti + Maserati, world: 350 million motor vehicles, production: 44 million, 27,2 million cars (D)
73 ct
Audi NSU Auto Union AG, Bosch + Intel (CAN-Bus technology), Lamborghini Countach, Suzuki GSX 750, exhaust special inspection, 25,2 million vehicles (D)
71 ct
Saab 9000, Ferrari Testarossa, Nissan (Datsun, J), Suzuki GSX-R 750, Ducati -> Caviga
71 ct
Fiat Uno, Chevrolette Corvette, BMW K 100, Mazda rotary with turbo charger, Comité Européen du C ommerce et de la Réparation Automobile (EU)
71 ct
Daewoo 50% -> GM, Autobianchi off the market, Renault Espace, the end of Bristol (GB), Quad (Suzuki, J)
73 ct
The end of Mercedes 600, Lamborghini Jalta, Maserati Biturbo, GM + Suzuki
61 ct
Audi Quattro, VW convertible stopped, Fiat Panda, Lancia Delta, Cadillac Seville, Suzuki GSX 1100 S Katana, 23,2 million cars (D)
52 ct
Mercedes S-class, BMW M1, VW-transporter Type 3, Lancia + Autobianchi + Abarth + Ferrari (50%) -> Fiat
47 ct
Audi 80, BMW M1, Fiat Ritmo, Saab 900, Aston Martin Lagonda, Mazda RX-7, Chrysler-Talbot -> Peugeot
47 ct
Saab -> cars turbo charged Audi Avant, Porsche 928, end of the Ro 80, Moto Guzzi V50
Limiting of consumption in car-pools (US), Ford Fiesta, VW Golf GTI + Diesel, VW Polo, Porsche 924, Ferrari 512, the end of Jensen, Lada Niva, the end of Wolseley, the end of ISO, Lauda has a serious accident (Nürburgring, Ferrari-F1)
VW Polo, VW-Beetle with fuel injection and catalyser (US), VW LT, Mercedes 450 SEL 6,9, Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 308, Maserati -> De Tomaso, Innocenti -> De Tomaso, DAF -> Volvo, DeLorean Motor Company
VW Golf I + Scirocco, Porsche 911 Turbo, petrol price rises to 0,42 € (D), Lamborghini Countach, Citroen -> Peugeot
Driving restrictions, for 111 days a speed limit of 100 km/h (D), 0,8 per mille blood-alcohol limit (D), VW Passat, the end of Karmann Ghia, DAF-truck with turbo charger und intercooling, Fiat X 1/9, Lotus Esprit, BMW R 90S, Moto Guzzi -> De Tomaso
Proportion of seat belt users 5%, approx. 20.000 road deaths annually (D), 15 million production record of the Model -T Ford is equalled (VW-Käfer, D), BMW- Motorsport GmbH, TVR 3000 (GB), Panther (GB), two-cyl. motorcycles from Ducati, Suzuki GT 750, Innocenti -> British Leyland, Benelli -> De Tomaso
18 million vehicles, 15,1 million of those are motor cars (D), GM builds the moon-car, Hanomag -> Daimler-Benz, Simca -> Chrysler, Isuzu 34% -> GM, Abarth -> Fiat, Alfasud, Maserati Bora, Lamborghini Urraco and the prototype Countach, Nürburgring rebuilt
Traffic regulations revised (D), Mazda with a rotary engine, Range Rover (the first SUV), Mini- all-wheel drive vehicle(Suzuki, J), Citroen SM, Alfa Romeo Montreal, De Tomaso Pantera, Mazda RX 2 (rotary, J), 50% Ferrari -> Fiat, more than 100 million vehicles registered (US), Lada ("Liebchen", replica of the Fiat 124, Togliatti, UdSSR)
Moon landing Apollo 11 (Armstrong, US), production of the Goggomobil stops, Ford Capri, Peugeot 504 Cabrio, Citroen Ami 8 (rotary engine, F), Riley -> BMC, Iso Grifo, Datsun 240 Z, Ferrari/Fiat Dino, BMW R75, NSU -> VW, De Tomaso -> Ford, Saab - Scania
48.000 filling stations (BRD), Opel GT, the end of the Amphicar, Renault Alpine, Maserati Indy, Morgan Plus 8 (GB), Ferrari Daytona, Mazda-Coupe with rotary engine introduced, Honda CB 750, Maserati -> Citroen, BMW-factory (South Africa)
NSU Ro 80 with twin chamber-rotary engine, Sweden changes to driving on the right hand side of the road, death of Ledwinka, Mercedes 280 SE, VW-transporter Type 2, Wartburg with new coachwork, Panhard-Levassor -> Citroen, Monteverdi (CH), the end of Alvis, Aston Martin DB S, Pontiac Firebird, 100 million vehicles (GM, US), Germany imports from Japan (Honda 600/800)
1600-2-Series (BMW), Audi 80, Opel Rallye-Kadett, standardised alcohol testing (D), Peugeot 404 convertible, Glas V8, Fiat 124 saloon + Spider, Alfa Romeo Duetto (Spider), Toyota Corolla, Jensen (all-wheel drive car, GB), Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 and Miura, Maserati Ghibli, Oldsmobile front-wheel drive, Glas -> BMW
41.000 filling stations (BRD), heavy utility vehicles may now weigh max. 38- instead of 32 tons (D), Audi with four-stroke engine (previously DKW 102), pedestrian operated traffic lights (D), first US front-wheel drive since the war (Oldsmobile Toronado), Ford Transit, Peugeot 204, Renault 16, Alfa Romeo GTA, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Production stopped at Cisitalia, Auto Union -> VW
Mercedes 600, NSU TTS and Wankel Spider, Ford Mustang, Excalibur (US), the end of Facel, VW Mexiko, Honda-cars -> Europa, Honda -> formula 1, the end of Studebaker, replicas from Excalibur (US)
Flashers replace the 'finger' as an indicator, Porsche 911, Mercedes 600, Sport Prinz Spider (Wankel, D), the provisional end of Lagonda, the end of Standard, Maserati Quattroporte (four door), ISO Grifo (I), AC Cobra, Maserati Quattroporte, Lamborghini 350 GT (I), Aston Martin DB 5, Coventry-Climax -> Jaguar, Willys-Overland -> Kaiser (US)
Opel Kadett, BMW 1500, VW Variant, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Maserati 5000 GT, Renault 8, MGB, Lotus Elan, Jensen V8 (GB), Mini-car from Honda
8,8 Mio. vehicles, 5,3 million of those are motor cars (D), the end of Borgward (D), Mazda builts the rotary engine, NSU Prinz, Glas 1004, Jaguar E-Type, Austin Mini Cooper, Renault 4, the end of Borgward, VW Type 3, Amphicar (Trippel, D), Suzuki mini-car, six-lane motorway (D), Pinin Farina -> Pininfarina, Honda -> Europe
Heavy utility vehicles may now weigh max. 32- instead of 24 tons (D), new founding of BMW, BMW 700, MOT-sticker, Porsche Carrera 2000, Ferrari 250 GT, the end of Frazer Nash, the end of Austin Healey Sprite Mk 1, Daimler -> Jaguar (GB), the end of Elva and Armstrong-Siddely, Innocenti (I), Shanghai-motor car (China), Mazda builds cars, Yamaha builds boats/outboard engines, Mazda -> motor cars, De Soto -> Plymouth, approx. 75 million vehicle registrations (US)
BMW 507, Trabant (DDR), Mini (Alec Issigonis, British Motor Corporation), BMW 700, Mercedes with tail-fins, MGA (GB), De Tomaso (I), Chevrolet Corvair, Nissan builds sports cars
Automobile production: 1. USA (4,2 million), 2. D (1,3 million), UdSSR (125.000), Japan (51.000), China (1)
Central traffic offence register (Flensburg, D), new number plates (D), Federal Cartel Authority, Messerschmidt Cabin-Scooter, Trabant, DAF (Van Doorne, NL), Austin Healey Sprite, TVR (GB), Cosworth (GB), Honda Motor Company (J), Auto Union -> Daimler Benz, Aston Martin DB 4, the end of Packard, Nash disappears (American Motors, US), Subaru mini-car (J)
NSU Prinz, VW Karmann Ghia Cabrio, Ford Taunus 17M, NSU Prinz, 50 km/h speed limit in built-up areas (D), 5- day-week at VW, Jaguar XK 150, Lotus Seven (GB), Gordini -> Renault, Seat 600, Lancia Flaminia, Maserati 3500 GT, Cadillac Eldorado, Ford Edsel flopped out
Regionally sorted number plates (D), trucks max. 13 m, horse and trailer 14 m, double axle 12 t, triple axle 18 t, with trailer 24 t, 6 hp/t, trailer may not be heavier than the tractor, no truck-traffic on Sundays (D), -Einkommen DM 5575,-/Jahr (D), 1 million vehicles per year produced (D),Porsche Speedster, Zündapp Janus, Hebmüller -> Ford Köln, provisional end of Bugatti, Maserati 3500 GT, the end of Mors, Bentley Continental, TVR (GB), Volga (UdSSR),world-wide 100 million vehicles
Goggomobil (Glas, D), DKW 3=6, VW Karmann Ghia, BMW Isetta, four-stroke Lloyd (Borgward, D), Mercedes 190 SL, petrol 0,30 € (D), Citroen DS, Alpine (Redele, F), Elva (GB), MGA, Bianchi + Fiat + Pirelli -> Autobianchi, Austin Healey 100, Ford Thunderbird, music instrument manufacturer Yamaha builds motorcycles,Suzuki (J), Panhard-Levassor -> Citroen, the end of Kaiser, Ford becomes a corporation, 61 million cars on American roads
Dramatic increase of mineral-oil tax (D), Mercedes 180 D, 190 SL und 300 SL, the end of the Silberpfeil (Silver Arrow) era, Borgward Isabella, BMW 502, 'Parkograph' (parking meter) (DM 0,10, Duisburg, D), 2160 km of motorway (D), parking in New York DM 8/hour, Hotchkiss -> Delahaye, 50 million cars (GM, US), Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Facel Vega (F),Ford-France -> Simca, Delahaye -> Hotchkiss, Nash + Hudson -> American Motors, Suzuki Motor Company (J)
Prohibition of 2 trailers per truck, truck and trailer max. length, 20- instead of 22 m (D), Opel Rekord, VW do Brasil, Messerschmidt-Cabin-Scooter (D), Ford FK 1000,MG TF, Seat 1400 (E), Healey -> Austin, Chevrolet Corvette (GM, US), the end of Crosley, Triumph TR2, ISO (I), Gilera B 300 (I), motorcycles from KTM (A) and Suzuki (J)
Zebra-crossings (D), two-stroke direct petrol injection (Gutbrod, D), BMW 501, Ford Taunus 12m, Lotus (GB), Austin + Morris = British Motor Corporation
2,6 million vehicles, 0,7 million of those are cars (D), Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg, IAA (Frankfurt), BMW 501, Mercedes 220 and 300, Universal Motor Gerät,Mercedes 300, Bosch und Gutbrod (, direct petrol injection), Porsche Cabrio, Fangio world champion driver (1954, 1955, 1956),Pegaso (E), Nash-Healey (US, GB), Honda -> four-stroke-motorcycle, world-wide 68 million vehicles
-Income DM 3280,- per annum (D), end of petrol rationing (D), VW-Transporter, DKW-Meisterklasse, Borgward Lloyd, gas-turbine-vehicle (Rover), Aston Martin DB 2, Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, British Racing Motors, Lancia Aurelia, Moto Guzzi Galletto, vehicle-production 10/8 million (world/US), approx. 50 million vehicles registered (US)
DKW-production in Ingolstadt, VW-Beetle Cabrio (Karmann, D), Borgward Hansa, Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, the end of Isotta-Fraschini, Volvo 444, Saab 92 (Svenska Aeroplan, S), Seat (E), Moskvitch (UdSSR), Abarth (I), Ducati -> motorcycles, Honda -> motorcycles
1948 Michelin (steel-belted tyres, F), Nordhoff boss at VW, Goodrich (tubeless tyres, US), Porsche (40 PS), Citroen 2 CV, Ferrari 166, Jaguar XK 120 (GB), Landrover, Morris Minor, Aston Martin + Lagonda, Aston Martin DB 2 (GB), Lamborghini tractors (I), Holden -> GM (Aus)
1947 Ferrari 125 (street-vehicle), Renault 4 CV, Alfa Romeo 6C, Saab -> automobile production, Lambretta, Honda-mopeds (J), Bristol 400 (GB), Aston Martin DB 1 (GB)
1946 Mercedes 170 V, new founding of the ADAC, Panhard Dyna (F), Healey (GB), Ferrari, Vespa-Roller (Piaggio, I), Aprilia (Beggio, I), Bristol (GB), Gordini, Cisitalia, Street-Maserati GT, Kaiser (US), Nash 600, Ducati produces motorcycle engines
1945 MG TC, Matra (Mécanique Aviation Traction, F), SS Cars -> Jaguar, Augusta motorcycle factory (I), Bristol (GB), 24 Million cars on American roads, world-wide-vehicle population 34 million
1944 The end of Stoewer, Hispano-Suiza -> Pegaso
1941 The end of Maybach
1940 Army-Jeep (Willys, US), the end of BSA (GB), Ferraris first racing car (Auto Avio Construzioni, I)
1939 Hansa -> Borgward, Brown-Boveri (gas turbine), the end of Horch, Hanomag, Adler (D) und Aero (CH), Ford (Hunchback-)Taunus, prototype Citroen 2 CV, Morgan 4/4 (GB), the provisional end of the brand-name Audi, separation of Enzo Ferrari from Alfa Romeo, Lincoln V12
1938 Foundation of the Volkswagen-works (Wolfburg, D), Opel Kapitän/Admiral, 3.000 km of motorways (D), Deutz -> Klöckner- Humbold-Deutz, Peugeot 402 with Diesel engine, Saurer (turbo-Diesel-truck-engine, Ch), Talbot + Sunbeam (GB), Jensen (GB), Mercury (Ford, US), the end of Pierce Arrow
1937 Road traffic regulation, road traffic registration regulations (D), DKW-Sonderklasse, Opel bicycle production -> NSU, Opel Kadett , Lancia Aprilia, Saab (S), MG TA (GB), the end of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg (US), US-motor industry 75% of the world-wide production
1936 Mercedes Diesel-motor car, Hanomag Diesel-motor car-prototype, BMW 328 , the first modern refinery in Europe (Rotterdam, NL), petrol RM0,37 (D), Bugatti 57 C, Daimler Benz 260 D (Diesel-motor car), VW-Käfer prototypes, Opel (customer service school), Gordini (F), Jensen (GB), Fiat Topolino, four-wheel-vehicle (Morgan, GB), Polski-Fiat (FSO, PL), serial production-car (Toyota, J),the population doubles itself, approx. 24 million cars, 1/4,5 (US), approx. 1 million cars, 1/49 (D), 1/41 (B), 1/27 (Dk), 1/21 (GB), 1/103 (I), 1/19 (F)
1935 Opel P4 and Olympia (serial production-car with self-supporting coachwork), Großglockner (1st high-Alpine road), Mercedes 170 V, Rolls Royce with V12-Motor (GB), Parking meter (Oklahoma City, US), Raliant (US), Toyota-vehicles
1934 Automobile-trade journeywoman (Anneliese Schmidt, D), Mercedes 500 K and Silberpfeil (DB, D), the end of Brennabor (D), NAG -> Büssing, Citroen 7 CV, Puch + Steyr,Societé Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie A utomobile (F) (Pigozzi, F), the end of Lorraine-Dietrich, air-cooled V8-rear-engine (Tatra, CS)
1933 BMW-six cyl. in the 303, Plexiglas (Otto Röhm, D), Scuderia Enzo Ferrari, the end of Itala, OM -> Fiat, Toyota, Pontiac (GM, US)
1932 Auto-Union (Wanderer, Audi, Horch, (DKW), Fiat Balilla, the end of Ballot (F), V8-Ford, the end of Oakland, Datsun
1931 Ford works in Cologne Köln, Mercedes Typ 170, DKW Front-wheel drive 1, construction department Porsche, Hansa-Lloyd -> Borgward, Chrysler with a straight 8 cyl. engine, according to the number of units, GM is the worlds largest producer,Datsun, Mazda (small trucks and motorcycles), the end of De-Dion-Bouton, Innocenti (I), the end of Essex (US), Bentley -> Rolls Royce
1930 Peugeot 201, the end of Swift, Alfa Romeo nationalised, Carrozzeria Pinin Farina (Turin, I), GM-Holden (Aus)
1929 Number of motor cars since 1926 doubles (D), only 17 companies still offer 34 motor car models (D), Diesel engine for motor cars (Cummins, US), Maybach (D), BMW with Austin- Seven-licence, (Daimler +) Steyr + Puch, Morris Minor (GB), Opel -> GM, 19,7 million cars (US),Cord (US), Locomobile -> GM, GM, more than 23 million vehicles (US, every sixth)
1928 Eisenacher Motorenwerk -> BMW, Opel Rocket-car, Laurin & Klement -> Škoda, Aero (CH), De Soto (US), Austro Daimler -> Puch, Vauxhall -> GM, Plymouth (US), model A (Ford, US), Dodge -> Chrysler, new: Plymouth as an inexpensive Chrysler-sub-brand
1927 Mercedes Nüremberg, Dixi as an Austin-Seven-replica (Eisenacher Motorenwerk), production-line finishing at the Ford-assembly plant (Berlin, D), motorcycle manufacturing (NSU, D), the end of the model-T Ford after 15 Million units (Ford, US), 85 % closed vehicles (US), Volvo (S), special design-department (GM, US), De Dion, Bouton and Bellanger -> Peugeot, SS Cars (GB)
1926 Daimler + Benz, the end of the Stoewer-works and Rumpler, Hanomag 'Army-loaf', fuel price kg -> liter (D), 221 persons per car(D) - 5,7 persons per car (US), 72 % closed vehicles (US),working through a central tubular-frame and rear engine - later quarrels with Porsche (Barenyl, Wien), Tracta (F), Carozzeria Touring (I), Pontiac (1926)
1925 Ford-assembly plant in Berlin, GM-assembly plant in Hamburg, Hanomag 'Army-loaf ', the end of Spyker, Rhombus as a brand-name (Renault), Laurin & Klement -> Škoda (CS), 56 % closed vehicles (US), produktion record: 9.000 cars in 24h (Ford, US),Vauxhall -> GM, Bollee -> Morris, the end of the Silver-Ghost-production (Rolls Royce, GB)
1924 Introduction of the Gold Mark (D), 86 companies offer 146 car-models (D), solid-constuction of filling stations (D), changing traffic signal lights (Berlin, D), three-wheeled light- utility-vehicle (Borgward), Laubfrosch(Opel, D), Hanomag (D), MG (GB), Frazer Nash (GB), 43 % closed vehicles (US), Essex SIX (US), the end of Napier, Chrysler (US), Chevrolet -> GM
1923 Inflation reaches it's climax (D), truck with a Diesel engine (Benz-MAN, D), BMW-motorcycle, Triumph (GB), 34 % closed vehicles (US), Škoda, Tatra (CS)
1922 Bayrische Motorenwerke, Max. speed limit for motor cars 25 km/h (Berlin), Diesel-motor car (Peugeot-Tartais, F), Austin Seven (GB), Lancia Lambda, 30 % closed vehicles (US), Lincoln -> Ford
1921 IAA after the 1st World War, Maybach (D), Bremer radiator factory -> Borgward, Rumpler (D), 5 million cars (Ford, US), 22 % closed vehicles (US), Alfa Romeo in large numbers, Moto Guzzi, Benelli (motorcycles, I)
1920 Steyr (A), Lincoln Motor Company (US), Fina (B), Darracq -> Sunbeam-Talbot, Leyland, Alvis (GB), aircraft factory Augusta (I), Duesenberg (US), 17 % closed vehicles (US), Mazda (Hiroshima, J)
1919 Citroen (model A, F), Armstron-Whitworth + Siddely (GB), Lockheed (Hydraulic brakes, US), 6 million cars (US), 10 % closed vehicles (US), Bentley (GB), Ballot (F), Daihatsu produces cars
1918 OM (I), approx. 1 million (US), Chevrolet -> GM
1917 Nash (US), Mitsubishi-cars (J)
1916 DampfKraftWagen-works, Bavarian aircraft works (later BMW), price of the Ford Model T drops to $360.
1915 1 million cars (Ford, US), biggest German manufacturer produces just under 2.000 vehicles per year, Alfa -> Romeo
1914 Aston Martin (GB), Maserati brothers (I), Cadillac V8, Dodge as car manufacturer (US), 25.000 motorcycles, 55.000 cars, 9.000 trucks (D), DAT (later Datsun, J), Panama canal is opened (US)
1913 Production-line assembly at Ford (T-model, US), Morris (GB)
1912 Carozzeria Bertone (I), Beru (sparkplugs, D), electric starter in series (GM, US), Kwaishnsha Motor Car Tokio (Nissan)
1911 Wanderer (D), trademark-rights on the Mercedes-star, material laboratories and truck production (GM, US), Chevrolet, Stutz (US)
1910 Audi (August Horch, Zwickau), approx. 19.000 motorcycles and 33.000 other motor-vehicles (D), Società Anonima Lombarda Fabricia A utomobili (Mailand, I), Morgan (GB), Hudson (US), Cadillac -> GM
1909 Motor-traffic laws (D), Bugatti (Molsheim, Elsaß), Cadillac -> GM (US), Willys-Overland (US), Hudson (US)
1908 Brennabor (D), Lancia-Automobile (I), General Motors (William Durant, US), AC (Weller, Portwine, GB), Ford Model T (950 Dollar), Willys (-Overland), Buick + Oldsmobile -> GM
1907 Deutz (Cologne), BSA (GB), Royal Dutch + Shell, Oakland (US), Svenska Kullagerfabriken AG (Göteborg,S), engines from Daihatsu (J)
1906 NSU produces cars, motor-vehicle tax particularly for large vehicles (D), Alfred Teves (D), Puch (A), Lancia (I), Austin Motor Company (GB), Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (GB), Laurin & Klement (CS)
1905 Hansa (D), Genfer Salon (CH), Lagonda (GB)
1904 Dixi (D), Itala (I), Hispano-Suiza (E), Rover (GB), vehicle with a combustion engine (Studebaker, US), Rolls + Royce, Rover (GB)
1903 Hotchkiss (F), Talbot (GB), Ford-Werke (Michigan, US), Harley-Davidson (US), Vauxhall, Standard (GB), Buick Motor Company (David Dunbar Buick, US), Birmingham Small Arms (GB)
1902 Tar as a road surface (Ernest Guglielminetti, CH), NAG, Mercedes Simplex, coachwork finishing at bei Karmann (Osnabrück, D), Cadillac Automobile Company (Henry Leyland, US), electro-mobile (Studebaker, US), travel report (Bierbaum, D)
1901 Mercedes (Daimler),Adler-motorcycle, NSU-motorcycle production (D), Olds Motor Works (Oldsmobile) build a car, Dodge as component supplier (US), Indian (Hendee, Hedstrom), Pierce Arrow, Studebaker (US)
1900 Approx. 12.000 Automobiles world-wide, Auburn (Eckart, US), Adler (D), Spyker (NL), Napier, Swift (GB), Isotta-Fraschini (I)
1899 Opel-patent-motor vehicles, August Horch & Cie, West German Benzol-sales union (1924 Aral), North-Eastsea-Canal, Sunbeam (GB), Peugeot (F), Frere Renault (F), Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (I), Austrian (Austro) Daimler engine company, Wartburg-automobiles, Dürrkopp (D), Sunbeam, Wolseley (GB), Norton (GB), Packard, Locomobile (US)
1898 Vehicles from Opel, Wartburg (D), "Motorwagen"-technical magazine, Riley (GB)
1897 Founding of the Central European Motor Vehicle Association, motor show (Berlin - Hotel Bristol), Stoewer (D), Shell Transport and Trading Company (Samuel, London), Bianchi (I), serial production of motorcycles (Gebr. Werner, Paris), Stanley (US)
1896 Vehicle factory in Eisenach (Ehrhardt, D), Daimler founded in Coventry, Goodrich (pneumatic tyre, US), Darracq (F), Experimental car (Ford, US), Daimler (utility vehicle, D),Taxi (Benz Viktoria, Greiner, Stuttgart), Daimler Motor Company (Lawson, GB), the end of the Red-Flag-Act (GB), Oldsmobile (US), serial production (Duryea, US), vehicle from Henry Ford (US)
1895 Mors (F), Laurin & Klement (CS)
1894 Delahaye (F), motorcycle (Hildebrandt, D), Michelin (F)
1893 Delivery of vehicles (Benz, D)
1891 Peugeot, Scania
1890 Royal Dutch, Daimler-engine company
1889 50 combustion engines from 20 manufacturers (World exhibition - Paris)
1888 Combustion engine-vehicle (Butler, GB)
1887 Adam Opel (bicycle production, D), serial production of combustion engines (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg), Panhard-Levassor (F)
1885 Wanderer, Benz (D), Bollee (F)
1883 De-Dion-Bouton (F)
1870 Number-plates on bicycles (D)
1873 NSU-Motorenwerke
1872 Gas-engine factory Deutz (Otto, Langen, D)
1871 Continental (Hannover, D)
1868 Light changing signal-system (traffic lights - London, GB)
1864 Combustion engine-factory (Otto, Langen, D), Magirus (Ulm, D)
1863 Adam Opel (sewing machine production, D)
1852 Studebaker (US)
1848 Machine construction Fischer (later Austro-Daimler)
1747 Development bridge and road construction (Paris, F)

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