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Electronic Engine Management


The Motronic helps in keeping the expenditure of sensors low and considers influences of the fuel injection on the ignition and vice versa. It combines the control of the idle running, mixture formation and ignition in one device.

Rotational speed and load are the two most important input variables.

How it works

Under the concept of the engine management all control processes for the petrol engine are summarised. Ignition and/or mixture formation react, e.g., to the fine regulation of the idle running, to accelerator pedal changes and a knocking combustion.


Inductive pickup at the flywheel and/or Hall-effect pulse generator at the camshaft, lambda sensor , temperature (coolant), air mass flow sensoror pressure gauge in the inlet manifold with temperature (suction air), accelerator pedal or throttle switch.


Injectors, stroke valve for fuel return, relay (fuel pump), idle running-filling regulator or throttle plate control motor, ignition coil.