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1951 VW Samba Bus

The technical data correspond to those of the Transporter

One has to imagine the year of creation 1951. After the Second World War the production of motor vehicles just has started up again with the pre-war models. The competitors are only now presenting slowly the first new developments. In Germany it is urgent to solve transport problems. Here low costs are important, and any hint of luxury seems impossible. The competition partly consists of three-wheelers with driven front wheel. From the motorcycle originating two-stroke engine is booming, even in transporters.

Depending on the counting mode you get to 21-27 windows.

In this situation a little courage is needed, to bring an eight-seater on the market with roof windows made of plexiglas, paneled interior and a the entire width using lacquered dashboard (Fig. 4 above). As an extra there is even a fabric sunroof (Fig. 2). The steering wheel is steep enough additionally to use as an armrest. Then you don't need the slightly uncomfortable backrests because thereby one bents forward a liitle. One can well imagine, as with this vehicle the first tourists are driven through the Alps with almost uninterrupted views of the mountains.

In the eight-seater the engine is still bothering the least even if the volume of the cargo is bisected. Neatly packed the car even will be quieter which proves to be boon given the lack of noise insulation. For reasonably compelling performance it rotates significantly higher because of a shorter overall multiplication factor significantly higher than in the Beetle but what is not always good for it at continuous full power. Nevertheless, it is with its 18 kW (24.5 HP) rather superior to the competition. And when a two-stroke proved to be equal, is latest at the fuel consumption in the longer term, the advantage back to VW, despite the sensitive higher purchase price.

It is quite clear that the Samba-Bus now belongs to one of the most desirable collector's items from VW with the corresponding prices for good examples. Thereby 50,000 Euro are here more a starting price with clear need for restoration.

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