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  VW Golf Plus

Actually, the car is just 7 cm higher than a normal Golf. Not a lot for a car that is not especially low to start with, but, nevertheless, it has consequences. You are seated higher or at least you are able to move the seat up on the driver's side without even getting anywhere close the ceiling. This way there is even more space in the back than in the normal Golf. You might catch yourself addressing someone sitting in the back with a louder voice due to the distance in between.

A higher roof also causes a far forwards looming windscreen. Unfortunately, along with the windscreen you get A-pillars that hinder a clear view in front to the side. The small triangular windows do not help much. If you look at the gigantic dash board, feelings of boredom creep over. At least, no stylish gags are reflected in the front disk. Probably, professional auto testers always receive very well equipped vehicles and praise, therefore, the interior equipment.

Of course, the Golf does not reveal any explicit weaknesses, but there are things that could be improved. There is first of all the engine. The engine sound is almost as present as the sound of a diesel engine at highway speed. We drove the 83-kW petrol-driven car and were astonished by how much the noise diminished at 140 km/h when we stepped on the clutch. The engine compensates with a good acceleration, for relatively low revs better than the diesel.

The gears of the six-step gearbox can be shifted firmly. However, shifting gears is necessary quite often. Who has designed this gearbox gradation? Volkswagen has inserted five-speed gearboxes in older Golfs which are gradated higher in fifth gear than the sixth gear of this gearbox. Why are the gear ratios so narrow that you may change gear easily from third to sixth gear? Hopefully, the CO2 discussion will bring about a larger spread of the gears, again.

The brakes can be operated with little pedal force and a lot of strengthening very pleasantly. The chassis is designed for longer journeys and sufficient agility with the right hardness. You feel very well supported by this car. Even the additional consumption compared with the flat roof version is supposed to stay within the limit and naturally depends on the desired highway speed.

VW Golf V - Diesel engines
MotorIn-line four-cylinder
CO2-Emissions143/132/132/145/164 g/km
Emission classEuro 4, oxidation catalyst
Particulate filterFrom 77 kW

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