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2014 e-Golf

At the latest at 0 g/km, the NEDC betrays itself of course, for here the first battery charge is not included. Nevertheless, the new VW E-Golf is worth having a look at. If measured by the battery capacity, it is probably the most reasonable method of running an electric car. Give it some thought, it has 50% more battery content than the BMW i3, which is comparable in price.

Admittedly, with 550 kgs more weight than, e.g., the e-up!, it's still quite a lump, this is because it wasn't especially built for electric operation as was the distinctly lighter BMW. Regardless of this, VW calculates €3,28 per 100 km and is thus on the way to being about half as economical as the Diesel engine. With an eight- year or 160.000 km guarantee on the battery, they're moving in about the same range as their competitors.

The standard extras are tempting: Apart from the automatic air-conditioning, there are also these fabulous LED-headlights, which allegedly, only use 20 W of power compared with the already very low consumption of 35 W when using Xenon-lights. Possibly as a tribute to the weak heater-performance, the front windscreen is electrically heated. By the way, the LED-Daytime Running Lights contribute a little towards saving.

If the difference of about 10,000 euro compared to the diesel really is shrinking by the extensive standard equipment according to factory specification by 3,000 euros, 7,000 euros remain still remain. That would be well over 200,000 km up to the amortization limit, of course without any fee-based towing due to lack of electricity and without a new (partial-) set of batteries.

A great idea, is the providing of a 'normal' vehicle from the VW-range for a duration of 30 days, this apparently, at no cost. Even if there is an extra fee for driving more kilometres than were agreed on, the comparison with BMW, who offer a similar service, is worthwhile.

In the price, passable for an electric car, is even included the navigation. Also one must make hardly compromises from the batteries in the space. The is only available at top speed, because the acceleration is really acceptable for such a heavy car. Hardly any differences from other pure electric cars.

Maybe a but slightly greater range, but with the disadvantage of the longer charging time. Fantastically to come to 80% charge capacity in a good half hour, but with additional investments. How many CCS stations there will be soon? At home, charging is only possible in at least 8 hours.

The fact that you have to decide from the beginning for certain saving modes to obtain the maximum range, makes sense. It is new that to each mode is specified concretely, the performance and speed reduction. Extremely practical, the choice of the moment of braking. It can really be adjusted in a way that one usually only accelerated and decelerated with the accelerator pedal.

The modified front end is not intended in order to strengthen the overtaking prestige, but the competence of the owner. Blue, instead of green, the colour of the low CO2 consumption. Aerodynamically it is with the closed front and corresponding 'Astana' rims.

Please do not really emanate of 190 km range. Normally 103 km are shown, nearly 20 percent more in Eco and 131 km in the Eco + mode. Vice versa, 30 km disappear when you switch on the air conditioning. After all, these data will not too negative corrected at the end.

Standard equipment
Four doors
Radio navigation system
Heatable windscreen
Leather steering wheel
Full-LED headlights

Special equipment
Side airbags, belt tensioners rear360 €
Park comfort packet820 €
Additional anti-theft alarm325 €
Driver assistanceUp to 2.145 €
VarnishingUp to 980 €
Leather trim2.015 €
Multi-function steering wheel185 €
Light equipment175 €
USB port71 €
Digital radio230 €
Sound system660 €
Reflective windscreen175 €
Darkened side windows225 €
Locking systemUp to 750 €
Mirror packet175 €
Phones470 €
Winter packet300 €
Total10,061 €

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