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2014 VW Golf Alltrack

Anyone looking for a multi-purpose all-rounder may be able to find it here. First of all, there's the loading volume, which would satisfy the most discerning leisure time and family activities. Should this still not be enough, then one could even mount a lockable box on the easy to reach roof, although that would mean driving a bit slower.

For those who still want to go off-road, which in the meantime, fewer and fewer SUV-owners actually do, can also do that. Of course, it would have been nice, if the decision-makers at VW, had left out the ornamental blending on the sides between the axles, thus giving the car a better clearance angle.

A somewhat more modern Sportsvan would be interesting, it does however, have less clearance angle, therefore, the front and rear overhangs are also smaller. Generally speaking, there's still a lot of work to be done before, with almost the same wheel-geometry, one can drive up and down the hills for longer distances.

With the Audi Allroad up to 66 millimetres more ground clearance is possible.

There are indeed spectacular examples, which raise the hopes, those are the contestants in the desert-rallies, which VW has given spectacularly long spring-travel. Indeed, for the well behaved series a compromise will have to be found, because this type of suspension plays havoc with the usable loading space.

The Golf Alltrack has a rigidly set ground clearance.

Unfortunately the genuine off-road capability is combined with air-suspension and an off-road gear ratio, which would increase the price considerably.

Let's move on to the suitability in everyday use, e.g., the economic efficiency and the speed. The latter is given at 219 km/h for the 2,0 TDI, certainly more than enough, which on the packed motorways with all the tailbacks, could only be realised at night, which even then, would be pretty dangerous.

The consumption on the other hand, is worthy of a mention, even though the advertised good 5 litres per 100 km would probably be difficult to achieve with all the all-wheel drive equipment on board. What is astonishing, is that this time, right from the word go, no petrol driven engine is being offered.

The off-road impression is emphasized by the wide wheel housings, the underbody protection and the respective side skirting. At least, for driving down steep hills, there is a suitable braking function.

The manufacturer proudly mentions, that with this Golf, and for the first time, it will be possible to combine the Diesel engine with all-wheel drive and DSG.

Standard features
17-inch-light-alloy rims
Infotainment system
Parkpilot front/rear
Ambiance lighting

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