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2015 VW Caddy

Already for a longer time, one may get the impression that manufacturers specify data in their production brochures in such a way that it lead rather to confusion than to more information. For each combination of engine, gear type and drive configuration are listed for example the empty weight and the payload, even if there are only a few kilograms difference.

There is also this chaos with DIN and EU standard for the kerb weight, to which was yet added the dry weight formerly. Is this now excessive zeal or obfuscation tactic? Even the names of the equipment packages such as 'Track & Style' are a bit strange, especially when the alternative is called 'Sport & Style'.

And the Caddy in its version as a box van is referred to as 'city delivery van'. It is obvious only for the delivery of bakeries, and in fact only in the city, the so-called 'City bakeries' (?). After all, the Caddy has still the VW usual names for surcharge packages. However, the previous 'Start Line' does not exist anymore. Added are now 'Conceptline' and 'Beach' instead of 'Tramper'. As if the other equipments would be without concept.

Hard-wearing fabric cover is called 'Austin'.

Without conception they are not, of course, and the VW superiors neither. This is part of a deliberate confusion. Yet another example? Take the price lists from May and October 2014. On both is written with large letters: 'Valid for the model year 2015', but the prices differ between the two lists from nearly 200 to little more than 350 €, and this before is ever reached 2015.

Now, of course, nearly everyone knows that car manufacturers neither note the Gregorian nor any other calendar. Why should they, when they change their factories to the new production during the summer holidays? But if they need already years to develop a new car, they could at least determine only one price for the first half year.

Changed to the current VW front design

Meanwhile, however, the new Fiat Doblo appeared. Which was produced 1.4 million times only since 2000 and the Caddy 1.5 million times already since 1978. Thus, a major competitor. And now perhaps you understand the almost simultaneous introduction of a new generation with a new front, adapted to the other VW models, more extensive design all around, of course, more economical engines and customized pricing.

Entry-level price (box wagon): 17.594 € instead of 17.909 €

No, not a simple price cut. It's so to speak, a 'pincer attack' on prices. One increases the standard volume of equipment, e.g. very commendable the side and head airbags for driver and front passenger. By the way, this also helps in the crash test rating at NCAP. However, so-called curtain airbags are added as extra charge.

Somehow, the costs must to be recouped and new surcharge items are quite handy. Look only at the bottom of the list of assistants. There is another savings opportunity, namely the removal of certain variants. Probably for this reason, there are only diesel engines with two litres of displacement, starting at 55 kW (75 HP). In addition, two diesel engines, namely the with 90 and 110 kW are available with 4MOTION, but not to combine with DSG. When the consumer notice that you do not need a four-wheel drive for a higher seating position? Concerning the petrol engines, there is a range from the one-litre three-cylinder up to the 1.4-litre four-cylinder.

It gets really interesting with the natural gas engine with less displacement, but charged in the future. Similarly, as the French manufacturers, one offers a special version at the very beginning of the new (fourth) generation, but not cheaper like these, but rather with clearly improved equipment. The number of assistant systems offered in this segment is allegedly unprecedented (see below).

Windshield can be heated.
Adjustable steering wheel in length and height.
Passenger seat foldable and retractable.
Ladder flap possible in the rear roof.
Series: tailgate.
Additional charge: different widths of rear doors.

360° Park System
Park Pilot
Distance control
Speed limiters
Fatigue detection
High-Beam Assistant
Emergency braking
Multi collision brake

For the comparison of the design, there is the opportunity to compare the images above with those of the 2010 Caddy. In the discussion about the pricing you have to include the Dacia Dokker, the several thousand euros cheaper and as diesel and can compete well e.g. in consumption. It's just the question of how much is one worth the VW driving experience and ambience, but particularly the increased safety even compared with the Fiat.

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