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BMW K 1600 GTL

The inline six-cylinder is perhaps even more important from the perspective of the history of BMW than the rear wheel drive. At the end of the First World War it was the best German flight engine. Without this, the emergence of the brand would not have been possible.

In 1933, the 303 with a six-cylinder engine was the first car drive designed by BMW. It had a significant part in the good reputation of the company before the Second World War. From 1968 a new construction in the 2500/2800 helped to the ascension into the automobile upper class.

Twice a twelve-cylinder has been made from the six-cylinder, in the beginning of the twenties with the BMW 4 and in the 750 with the first German V12 of the postwar period. This is however with the R-6 of the K 1600 not meaningful. Nevertheless, it was only a matter of time before BMW would try to adapt the principle of 6 cylinders in a row to a two-wheeler.

First motorbike with adapitve curve light.

After all, there are role models. Nevertheless, it will not be an easy task to limit this engine in its length. Nevertheless, the principle of the short stroke, which is favorable for motorcycles, was not given up. 432 mm it needs alone for the sum of the 6 bores. With the bridges in between, this added already to at least 45 cm.

If you now consider that the motor is only 55.5 cm wide, there must be enough slightly more than 10 cm for outer housing walls including open-deck construction and the drive to the camshafts, the drive train and the starter or generator. 10/16