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In-line Three Cylinder Engine


The four stroke three-cylinder in-line engine features an decisively improved mass balance as compared to the two-cylinder. There are only three, each 60 crank angle long, empty strokes. Construction expenditure, internal friction (fuel consumption) and length are lower and make the engine with rising cubic capacity interesting as a substitute for four cylinder engines. Though its crankshaft is shorter, it has headers in three levels. The two-stroke three-cylinder was compared earlier to the six-cylinder four-stroke engine because its power strokes overlap similarly. This is not valid of course for the mass balance. Designers of motorcycles prefer the three-cylinder because of its compact design. It can reach total displacements of more than 2 litres.

How it works

Every piston has its own crankshaft header. The pistons go through their strokes at different times. The ignition interval is 240. The three-cylinder four-stroke engine works precisely like half a six-cylinder engine. The less favourable mass balance is most often improved by an additional equalizer shaft. 05/08               Top of page               Index
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