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While taking a curve with the vehicle, the stabilizer presses the circle-outside wheel downwards and disengages the respective spring more strongly. Simultaneously, it relieves the circle-internal wheel and engages its spring. It reduces the danger of tilting, by distributing the spring power from the outside to the inside spring, however to the disadvantage of the circle-outside wheel, which is brought closer to loosing its side guidance adhesion.

How it works

The stabilizer is either integrated into the suspension in U-shape, or connected as torsion bar spring via rubber elements with the non-spring mounted parts of the wheels. The circle-outer side are more strongly engaged, the circle-inner side at the same time relieved.In the case of the same weight distribution between front and rear axle and the same tyres, the axle with the (stronger) stabilizer has the lower side guidance adhesion. The stabilizer compensates unfavorable conditions, for example an unequal weight distribution between the front and the back, or a vehicle that is relatively tall in relation to its width. Also, broader tires may require a (stronger) stabilizer, in order to prevent a tilting of the vehicle due to its decreased side guidance adhesion. Stabilizers are just effective when the springs are engaged or disengaged one-sidedly.
Wheel suspensions might be very simply built by combining few parts, as can be verified with the simple wishbone on the picture below. If the stabilizer has at its ends a ledge and a thread, it can be bolted to the rubber-stored bush near the ball. A simple lower triangle wishbone for a McPherson shock strut axle or double wishbone suspension has developed.


With the stabilizer the two wheels of an axle are interconnected by a torsion bar spring. This affects each one-sided bouncing. If one neglects all other factors, the axle with the (stronger) stabilizer is rather inclined to breaking out, in order to prevent tilting. 06/09

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