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2021 Yutong

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, a good 700 km southwest of Beijing and has more than 10 million inhabitants. The Industrial Park is named after the Yutong company, simply the largest bus manufacturer in the world. Just to put it into perspective: Daimler is in 2nd place with Setra, Mercedes, Fuso and Bharat-Benz and VW in 4th place with MAN, Scania and Volanbusz.

A joint venture between MAN and Yutong was probably founded in 2002, but little is known about its relalization. German companies generally have problems with product piracy. The frequently changing regulations on the number of permitted joint ventures per company and the permitted shareholding makes cooperation more difficult.

Yutong has 40,000 employees, is represented worldwide and, according to its own information, manufactures approx. 440 buses per day on 15 production lines. The growth is evident when you compare the number with the 285 from a 2013 promotional video. Yutong was only founded as a repair shop in 1963. With more than a hundred different models, the product range supposedly already comprises 40 percent that are powered by renewable energy.

Only in China the share is already a third, where Yutong is the market leader. The focus of production, which also includes trucks, some with special bodies, is clearly on large and medium-sized buses. There have been years of up to 50 per cent growth. If you look at bus production (below), it no longer seems conceivable that you still have to learn from other manufacturers.

The 2.5 km 2 area, which is by the way very little reminiscent of a car factory, is almost impossible to traverse, but self-driving shuttles (video below) are available everywhere, for these one has already received awards. In addition to plug-in hybrids, Yutong now also produces pure battery buses and these even with low-floor technology. Natural gas as a possible fuel has been around for a long time, and now there is also hydrogen with fuel cells in series.

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