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Ganz neu ...

Volvo history

2015 S 90
2015 XC 90 Twin Engine
2014 XC 90
2014 V 70
2014 Engines
2013 V40 Cross Country
2013 XC 60
2013 PlugIn Hybrid
2013 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid1
2013 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid2
2012 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid
2012 C30 Electric
2012 V 40
2011 S 80
2010 V 60
2008 XC 60
2007 C 30
2006 C 70
2004 XC 90
2002 S 60
1997 C 70
1990 960
1987 440
1985 480 Turbo
1985 760
1985 780
1982 340
1976 P 262 C
1977 P 244
1968 P 1800 ES
1968 P 164
1967 P 145
1960 P 1800
1958 PV 544
1956 PV 121 Amazon
1956 P1900
1947 PV 444
1937 PV 52
1935 PV 36
1927 V 4

Volvo V40 Cross Country

Volvo V40 Cross Country
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine controldohc
Drivetrain designFront engine, all-wheel drive
TransmissionManual six-speed, automatic six-speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMultilink
SteeringRack and pinion, electrical
BrakesDiscs, ventilated (front)
Wheelbase2.646 mm
Turn radius11.200 mm
Wheels205/60 R 16
Length4.370 mm
Width1.783/2.041 mm
Height1.470 mm
Drag coefficient (cross section)0,34 (2,2 m)
Tank capacity62 liter (petrol)
52/60 Liter (diesel)
Kerb weight1359-1461 kg incl. driver
Maximum speed

With the rear lights one has always been liked to experiment at Volvo. Just think of the huge luminous fields of the V70 models, the upward swing even divided with the hatchback in the latest model.

At the V 40 they do not. But they help enormously in creating a slimmer looking C-pillar, at least its lower part. Actually, the whole rear is in flux without appearing now enormous cutting edge.

At the Cross Country is added now the "terrain flair". Because in Germany is available only the larger petrol engine with 132 kW (180 hp), the smallest diesel engine with 26,780 euros is the most affordable. To the 28,780 euros for the car with petrol engine one can still add 1,800 euros for a double-clutch gearbox.

Otherwise, the choice is the usual converter automatic. Even at these prices, there is no four wheel drive, for diesel engines not anyway. Only the most powerful petrol engine, it offers for 5,800 euros additional charge (including automatic gearbox).

At the noble exterior the corresponding inner life comes into its own much better. Please click once the various dashboards at the top, so you experience equally with the No. 1 the economic and No. 3, the powerfull driving. As always the alleged floating center console, which is but at least less bombastic than others of its kind. 12/12