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2020 VW T-Roc Cabrio

More than 200 kg extra weight compared to the current T-Roc, there you see the difficulties to make a convertible out of a crossover with a roof. No wonder that the smaller of the two engines quickly seems strained when accelerating. The 110 litres less luggage space one probably expected, but this increase in unladen weight probably not. There the increase of CO2 from 118-122 to 123-129 g/km is even still very slight.

The more than 6,000 Euro surcharge should not be blamed on the car, as it is only available in a Style-Version, which reduces the difference to 3,500 Euro. So you will not find such a convertible without light alloy rims except in winter. Also the LED lights in the rear are standard, but not those in the front and the digital cockpit is not only 500 Euro more expensive, you also have to order the multifunction steering wheel and the navigation for 1.155 Euro extra.

They took as much as possible from the 2017 T-Roc with fixed roof, including the dashboard from that time, so that a Golf 8 looks a bit more modern again. For the upper seatbelt attachment they didn't find an optimal solution. Of course, in this price range you have to install the wind deflector (340 Euro) yourself every time. The car is well made, which is e.g. by the relatively low wind noise even at higher speeds, of course only when the soft top is closed.

Fortunately, you can't choose the relatively pointless combination with a four-wheel drive, which is not available on this T-Roc. Adaptive dampers would be possible, but you should test drive this car beforehand to see if it doesn't already have satisfactory suspension due to the higher weight. Anyone who initially thought that a crossover as a convertible could look too cumbersome will not necessarily feel confirmed when seeing it now.

Be sure to check out both engines, but also the 2,500 Euro surcharge.

By the way, with a high convertible you can get used to e-mobility.

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