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1988 VW Passat B5

At first glance you might keep the renewed change from transverse-engine to longitudinal engine without concept. If, however, pass an average of 8 years until the next Passat, change the design ideas and also those who decide. One sees the chance to equip the car with special features and then to classify a little higher. The aggressive competition to Audi one tacitly accepted.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen - not successfully in all cases - purchased several luxury brands and wants to present with the Phaeton, not unlike to the Passat, a top offer. For this purpose a W8 should also be installed in the car and that is believed to create only with longitudinal mounting.Who knows what engines are still planned? In any case, the experiment with the eight-cylinder goes wrong but the coup succeeds as a whole. There appear test reports in which the Passat is compared with Mercedes and BMW models. That honor has not its previous direct competitors such as Opel.

The significantly nobler design has already played a role in this success. Below the price limit of the upper middle-class competitors is presented a spacious car, which this time also and especially is styled attractive as a limousine. The round arc of the roof, the significantly improved interior design the significantly upgraded interior design and the extensive equipment up to the first time in this class offered bi-xenon light by potential purchasers make impression.

The Wolfsburger designers come to help at this and especially at the next model modifications in lighting technology. Also, one can now again use chrome, so that customers see for what they spend their money. With other vehicles from that time the car shares the more stable body and many other security features.

2003, as usual, was a face lift, which contoured the somewhat lifeless front end. Interestingly, the flashing lights moved into the exterior mirrors. That was probably introduced by Mercedes in the S-Class as the first car company.

Predecessor - the Passat from 1988
Successor - the Passat from 2005

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