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2018 VW Jetta

Six Generations Jetta
19792,3 Mio.
19842,7 Mio.
19921,2 Mio.
19984,6 Mio.
20043,0 Mio.
20103,7 Mio.
Total17,5 Mio.

Did you know that the Jetta is the most successful VW model of the last four decades in the American market, even surpassing the others with 'German roots'. Of course, the prerequisite was that it always kept its name there. And the corresponding data show that it was always derived from the Golf more or less until Jetta 6. Donald Trump will not enjoy the model because it comes from Mexico. However, it has nothing of his new tax relief.

In China it is called 'Sagitar'.

Now does the Jetta benefit from the Modular Transverse Matrix, too. In general, surcharge lists in the United States are much shorter than in Germany. What do you say at these prices, which also include all around LED technology and 7 years or 115,000 km warranty? However, one must not make the mistake, to divide it by 1.2 to get the price in euros. Because then even 1,000 dollars in freight and duties would be due to Europe. After all, even the taxes of the respective states are to be added.

The base price includes the manual air conditioning.

There are more differences, for example in processing, because after all, of course, also the suppliers are much cheaper. Also, one has to consider that the previous base engine is the currently only possible and does not offer the latest 1.5-liter version. However, there will probably be two additional variants similar to the previous ones with 125 kW (170 hp) and 154 kW (210 hp). New is the eight-speed automatic with torque converter instead of the six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Despite low entry-level price, VW offers a standard LED main light, multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth, audio streaming, trip computer and rear camera. However, the instruments shown above in the picture are conventional then. Not only the diesel drivers in Germany are currently in the slogan: 'America, you are better off'. Unfortunately there are no CO2-values in the technical datas, but you can convert the consumption of min. 5.9 l/100km (40 mpg) and max. 8.4 l/100km (28 mpg).

Adaptive Cruise Control
Blind Spot Monitor
Park Pilot
Front Assist
Rear Traffic Alert
Rear View Camera
Lane assist
Multi Collision Brake
Light Assist

*Innovations in red

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