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2020 VW ID.4

The ID.3 has been received quite positively. One is surprised how few real defects the numerous testers find. It's strange that the friends of the Model 3 are now checking the gap dimensions here. By the way, is it possible that the lane keeping system that comes as standard in the ID.3 plus ACC and Travel Assist scores similarly well to Tesla's expensive autopilot at the moment?

English undertitles available . . .

Yes, the VW is not yet able to be as successful at the DC-loading process and its organisation. This also applies to the consumption at a real 130 km/h, but changes at 20 km/h less. Time for VW to launch the new Model Y (pardon ID.4). Depending on the equipment, this too is likely to become a price breaker against Tesla. We'll see who is more likely to deliver significantly in Germany.

A comparison of (charging) losses should be interesting, too.

It is important to note that the ID.4 is not only longer and higher, but also wider as the ID.3 on the same wheelbase. It uses only the two larger battery sets, which will lead to a higher basic price later on. The drive train will probably also to be equipped with 109 kW (220 Nm) and 125 kW, of course with an additional 75 kW front motor for a total of 225 kW and 180 km/h top speed, too.

The interior, although similar except for the larger screen in the middle, is designed in a recent higher quality, especially in the selectable versions. On the outside, it lacks the famous open prongs in the tailgate. Of course, there is more space and no restriction in the choice of the large battery. The trailer load remains low, electric car typical.

Did you know that the IDs also recuperate when braking?

It will be interesting to see how the range of the VW models will go down in winter. Exact measurements of the efficiency of the heat pump are also highly welcome. It is the right way VW is going about it and doubtful that Tesla will overtake VW by 2025 even in terms of the number of cars produced.

English undertitles available . . .

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