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2020 VW Golf eHybrid

Well, there have been a few models at VW that have disappeared from the range, but that didn't apply to anything that can somehow be powered electrically. Lately, it seems that there are only ID.3 and ID.4. But among the partly electric driven cars the offer has been or will be extended very much.

No, this page does not refer to the mild hybrids. Where the Golf GTE used to be, there is now an eHybrid additionally, and that will include the Passat, Arteon, Tiguan and Touareg. Whether all of them, also in terms of time of up to 4.500 €, one may doubt, but at least one creates ways for those who are not yet convinced of a pure electric car.

The sub-brands Skoda and Seat are lively involved. The latter even takes over both plug-in options from the Golf with the somewhat aged 1.4L TSI and the electric engine with a combined 150 kW (204 PS) and 180 kW (245 PS), for Seat as Cupra. The latter drive is also available in the Skoda Octavia RS. All of them share the battery capacity of 13 kWh.

In the Golf up to 60 km are promised purely electrically. No one would expect recharging during a longer journey with only 3.6 kW charging power. It would be nice if the owners at least from at home always would leave with full battery. The combustion engine according to the manufacturer's specifications is for a possible sudden power demand in cold condition prepared.

The lowest performanced Golf as a mild hybrid would have 29 kW (40 hp) and 50 Nm less combustion output, would weigh with three cylinders nearly 300 kg less and would be without consideration of the state premium about 13.000 € cheaper. Its CO2-exhaust specified by the manufacturer, however, would be three times as much and the luggage compartment similarly large.

Torque and power of the GTE are obviously higher controlled by software. It is comparable to the GTI in terms of outfit, but 185 kg heavier. If one restricts oneself to short peak- performance requirement, it can even accerelate as fast as the GTI, but not have the same top speed of course. However, it is even more expensive despite the premium.

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