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2017 VW Golf Sportsvan

Available with the large, openable panoramic glass roof.

The real surprise may be that four petrol engines are ready for the start, but two diesel engines are only announced. You may notice the gradual change of time, but by omitting and not by adding. The basic price has increased by about 4 per cent compared to 2013, but has also more series equipment.

The outer dimensions have hardly increased, the wheel base decreased a little. The Sportsvan is still settled between the fourdoor Golf and the Variant. In the price it is closer to the Variant with 1.100 euro difference than to the Golf with 1,725 euros. In the length, however, the Golf is only 9.3 cm away, the variant 21.6 cm. And how do you think about the tail of the Sportvan? Is it more beautiful or less?

Technically much has been done, e.g. by complementing two new 1.5-liter variants, both equipped with active cylinder management ACT. Inside the new Sportsvan scores points with an optional 9,2 inch radio navigation system with touch screen, more gesture control and missing buttons. However, the digital cockpit behind the steering wheel will probably not be available.

Trailer Maneuvring Assistent
Automatic Distance Control
'Blind Spot'-Sensor
Parking Get Out Assistent
Parking Get In Assistent
City Emergency Brake Function
Active Lighting System
Phone Interface
USB for Apple devices

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