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2021 VW Golf R Variant

The way to the Golf R can still be traced, via the GTI with 180 kW (245 hp) for 37,000 € and the GTI Clubsport with 221 kW (300 hp) for a good 42,000 €. Well, the price jump to the R for 50,000 € is high, but it also has, for example, all-wheel drive with all kinds of driving dynamics on board, e.g. the electronic differential lock XDS.

But this car does raise a few questions. No, this does not mean the surcharge of € 1,500. But who buys a Variant that is around € 20,000 more expensive than the next weaker one, even though this also has R equipment? Who would accept it lowered by 20 mm, with 50 mm more wheelbase and 354 mm more length?

In contrast to the much shorter Golf R, it can then pull stately trailers and load 230 liters more without folding down the rear seat backrests. But it also carries around 76 kg more. Is this still a sensible accessory for a sports car, the VW Golf with the most powerful engine?

Or has one made too many compromises here? Does that have something to do with the fact that the GTI is not available as a Variant? In any case, potential buyers are allowed to log into a very similar configurator. And realize that the car is only available in three colors, white, black for an extra charge and the most expensive, Lapiz Blue Metallic.

Perhaps those who need a lot of space in everyday life will benefit at least a little from the possibility of adapting the driving profile to the situation. Even the exhaust system of the series is clearly in the limelight. If that's not enough for you, there are Akrapovic flaps that can be retrofitted on the Golf R for € 3,800, probably also on the Variant.

The inevitable performance package for a good € 2,095, slightly wider tires with a lower cross-section, torque vectoring and a registration approval up to 270 km/h is also possible. It's a shame that at this price you have to pay extra for a reversing camera, automatic parking and safe lane change.

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