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2020 VW Golf R

It is really a question of who thinks up such things. There is a young lady sitting in a street café. The drama of the music increases when the waiter puts a small package with an R on the table befor her. She is in a hurry to get into her car, a T-Roc R, which then at least drives gracefully across the motorway. In a big hall complex it gets exciting again.

Her counterpart is a man in the Tiguan R. Both race towards each other, exchanging the aforementioned package. Later, during an overtaking manoeuvre, it ends at the driver of an Arteon R. High in the hills it will be handed over to the driver of a Touareg R. Luckily, there are no more R models. So we learn that in the package the key to the new Golf R's world premiere has been transported.

The somewhat strange opening seems necessary, because actually the newcomer hasn't really set himself apart from its brothers GTI and GTI Clubsport. The latter is even quite on his heels. Only 14 kW (20 HP) and 20 Nm separate the two. However, the R-Version still has four-wheel drive as a unique selling point. But e.g. the lap times on the Nürburgring, for which the R-Performance has an extra with a 7:49:21 to 7:51 minutes setting, the front wheel drive system might be the better choice, although this may also have been due to the special qualities of the driver Benjamin Leuchter.

AMG gets a good 74 kW (100 hp) more out of the two-litre engine. So VW could certainly increase too, but would probably rather channel the money into newer mobility concepts. And then a film like this is a good thing that not every potential buyer of the Golf R notices this. Externally, it differs from the two by another front underneath the bumper. The large rear spoiler is possible on both models. Converted to 19 percent VAT, a difference of € 8,000 seems a bit much, even compared to the previous model it is € 3,000.

In the picture above you can see the four-flow exhaust system from Akrapovic which, made of titanium, saves 7 kilograms compared to the standard exhaust, but costs about 3,800 € more. In return, the sound is almost priceless, not least because of the flap control. A little more expensive still is the performance package, which allows a top speed of 270 km/h and includes a 19-inch engine with the large spoiler.

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