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It is already the third race year for the GTI TCR, which has been extremely successful so far with two overall victories. The abbreviation stands for narrow and thus more favorable regulations. They are all four-door cars with front-wheel drive, taken in principle from the product range. This can result in different displacements, e.g. Peugeot 308 TRC only 1.6 liters, but power and torque are capped, excessive lightweight limited by minimum weight.

Surprisingly, the brands of the VW group also compete against each other, such as Audi (S3) and Seat (Leon) against the Golf, but also Ford (Focus), Opel (Astra), Alfa (Giulietta), Honda (Civic), Kia ( Cee'd), Hyundai (i30) and Subaru (Impreza). This is the opposite of loneliness such as in the German Touring Car Championship. For a set maximum price the vehicles are generally available, for example, the Peugeot. for € 109,000 with sequential gearbox.

The new Golf GTI TCR takes full advantage of the allowed width. Nevertheless, the center tunnel has been downsized and the driver's seat more centered in order to increase the feeling for the reactions of the suspension. Also, the large rear spoiler was slightly changed again for 2018. Incidentally, it is only attached to the rear window. Even on the much larger front spoiler you may recognize that only the minimum, but not the maximum length is limited.

Surprisingly enough, the car has a sophisticated support system for the steering, but neither ABS nor ESP. Most noticable: the lack of brake boost, which gives more feedback. However, in the vicinity of the comparatively large handbrake lever for a particular turntable technique, there is a panel to apply the brake e.g. you can adjust the balance. Huge the difference in noise, hardness and grip to the production version, although derived from it and for 65 percent identical, as far as VW says.

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