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2020 VW Golf GTI

Recently, power and also torque are being advertised, which in the past could only be dreamed of. This is mostly due to hybridisation, where the electric motor is simply added to the combustion one. The GTI, which exists now almost 45 years, is more honest, because all the power and performance comes from one source.

It has not changed compared to the performance version and the last version only delivered. However, unlike the previous generation, the dual clutch transmission now has seven gears. It is initially only available, the manual six-speed transmission comes a little later and with it the golf ball at the shift lever.

But it already has the car seats. Also they fake sportiness not only pretending to be sporty, but are so enveloping that something full-bodied should really think about it. In general, the missing real buttons are only something for people used to smartphones, but that doesn't exclude older people anyways.

One more point about honesty. Faking an exhaust pipe where there is none, that is not the case of a GTI. So like the predecessor, real exhaust air flows through both pipes. In between again the GTI-own diffuser. Which brings us to any further differences from the usual Golf. Slightly changed lettering again is only mentioned marginally.

It is different from the front, of course. In place of the former running piping there is now finally a piece of strip that shines even during the ride. Below, the light peeps out of the honeycombs of the fairing at five points on the left and right. Reminds one a little of Porsche, as does the lever instead of the golf ball on the DSK gearbox.

Lowering: 15 mm

The rest is quickly told. Optional is an allegedly newly developed, adaptive system for the damping and up to 19 inches instead of the standard 17 inches, which allows large brake disks. However, if one were to be consistent, one would have to offer different, directional rims on the left and right. But yes, you never see both sides at once.

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