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1978 VW Golf Convertible 1

This model will later be the best-selling convertible ever.

For 14 years it will be built and survives almost two model generations of the VW Golf. The starting basis is critical, yet the Golf 1 indeed is a particular example for light weight, but not just for great stability of the body and in the first series not even for skillful rust protection. Good exemplars indeed are really rare before 1983. Despite the lightweight construction, the cabriolet body is relatively stable, which also contributes to the roll bar. The closed top then rest on this and there are possible height-adjustable seat belts.

A quarter of the production goes to the USA.

The first considerations for the development of a successor for the still-built Beetle convertible come from the period shortly after the oil price crisis. Today we know that despite scarce resources the convertible is experiencing a boom, particularly in Germany. At the time, one may call such a decision as courageous.

As before, the engineers from Karmann again are the initiators. Here is forming the Scirocco-sister of the Golf. Who knows already that almost all body parts must be re-created except maybe the hood? Nor is it easy to stow away the known to be thick top rear without loss of large luggage space.

But ultimately suffers from too little space, and especially poor accessibility. At least you can limited load up to the front seatbacks. Together with the slightly smaller space at the rear seat bench and the higher weight, that are almost all of the disadvantages. The convertible top one can also attest, given its length, an expertly design.

Barely struts can be seen. There is a for convertibles conditions large, fixed rear window. It adapts well and is even easily to open/shut. By the isolation the convertible is almost better protected in winter than the sedan. Just the closed Golf Cabrio has succeeded extremely well. Guess why convertibles are shown in prospectuses so rarely closed?

Compared to the later Golf 3 cabriolet you are looking even in vain at specific equipment variants the power steering and of course ABS and airbags. There is due to the lower kerb weight at a similar engine better acceleration, but also lesser suspension comfort - strangely enough - stronger curve inclination. As a special feature models from 1989 onwards can even be equipped with an electro-hydraulically operated top.

Without roll bar planned, but too uncertain for VW standards.

Scroll down this page you will find a video of the first prototype. It is up to the appearance of the latest 2011 version the only Golf convertible without roll bars. In this form it is in 1974 by the then independently operating company Karmann e.g. the Head of Development Ernst Fiala presented and fails because next to his personal reputation as a so-called 'Safety Pope', he also has an eye on the future U.S. safety regulations.

For fans of the Beetle convertible slowly is announced sorrow, because the last model should roll off the assembly line in 6 months. Although the last convertibles of this series are technically quite advanced for example in the range of the suspension, they can not compete against the new, particularly in terms of performance, consumption and manufacturing cost. If you look at today's classic car scene, it's only partly true for manufacturing quality. By the way, the Beetle convertible is then still continued to be built fourteen months.

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