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2016 VW Golf 7

In summary, a subtile exterior tuning was to be expected. Mainly, the bumpers have changed. In the entry-level model for a surcharge, there is now instead of Bi-Xenon LED, rear in all models, optionally also animated. Available are trapezoidal exhaust trims, which together with the more delicate eyeliners of the rear lights make expect more width in relation to the height.

In the interior a larger display (9,2") in the middle and one behind the steering wheel, but probably as an option in comparison to Audi. And for this class of vehicles a new gesture control with acoustic feedback. A lot of assistants, in addition to aid in traffic jams, look precisely to the front in the city and one for the event of an emergency. For the first time in the Golf, there is offered help for parking with and without trailers. A highlight, however, the combination of track and distance control, which means an entry into the partial automated driving up to 60 km/h.

Small but not unimportant changes are in the field of gasoline engines. A VTG-supercharger is combined with a 1,5l-fourcylinder. May be it is able to compete to the three cylinder because of an additional cylinder cut-off. It is important that the Atkinson/Miller principle is used here. The geometric compression ratio may be interesting. All together with possible sailing mode, even with the simple manual gearbox, an even more affordable way between saving and driving fun.

The sale with the basic model will begin at an unchanged price still in 2016. On the 1.5-TSI and the 15 kW (20 hp) to 18 kW (25 hp) stronger GTI version you have to wait a little longer. Also on the new e-Golf with extended range . . .

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