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2023 VW GTI-Concept

Anyone who thought he/she could already imagine what a future GTI will look like is slightly mistaken, although one can be glad that the GTI lives on at all.

Not so easy for the manufacturer, because the GTI has always been a two-wheel driven vehicle and will remain so, from which we conclude that the R version will also survive.

How do you bring sportiness into such a car and prevent the GTX models from outperforming it when accelerating? The VW solution is: downsizing. So the GTI is based on the ID.2 all.

A little longer than this, but only because of the sweeping bumpers, but much shorter than an ID.3. And how do you cope with the much smaller space? Quite simply, you remember the space-saving front-wheel drive.

We've always said that front-wheel drive would also be the better choice for compact-class electric cars. The luggage compartment is already given as more than 100 liters more than in the original ID.3, with a total length that is in principle 20 cm less.

Of course, we didn't have our sights set on such a sporty car. The engineers still have to solve the problem. After all, he already has relatively wide tires with, by the way, very nice, two-tone rims.

So quickly pre-order such a space miracle. Unfortunately, this is not possible because there is still a long way to go before production can start. Not even the interior can be photographed. And even then it should not be particularly favorable.

A lot of effort has been put into the connection to history and the sportiness that is not only based on the drive. The checkered pattern in the seats is back, but it looks even better because it is much large-scaled.

The red, though not quite around a black area, is already appearing now. The golf ball landed in the middle of the rims due to the lack of a shift lever. However, the turbo is only available at the push of a button, it was added later anyway.

Don't worry, with the screen equipment ot the ID.2 all, future occupants are bound to have a lot in store, e.g. the electronic replica of the original speedometer and rev counter unit. Additional animations for a reawakening sporty feeling are to be expected.

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