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2017 VW Caddy CNG

Not a bad choice, a Caddy. But if your idea of comfort needs a dual clutch transmission, that decides your money bag (+ 2,000 €). The Caddy seams to be expensive enough, about 3.300 € compared with the 6 kW (8 HP) weaker and nearly 2,400 € to the stronger 11 kW (15 HP) only-petrol engine.

Even compared to the 6 kW (8 hp) weaker diesel it is with the same equipment still about 1,400 €. The Diesel BlueMotion version would be more expensive than the TGI. But one under the conditions of Euro 6 tested the people do not trust, which is why the Caddy TGI is a considerable variant, also available as Maxi.

A TGI is comparable to a pure petrol engine, so it has less torque than a Diesel engine, but it even undercuts it with one exception in the CO2 emissions. It will probably be not so fast be banned from the cities. And VWs problems with corrosive fuel systems seem to be overcome.

VW describes it as 'Range King', which is, of course, nonsense. Probably no one would after the gas tanks also the gasoline drive until emptiness. After VWs probably optimistic calculation 630 km and 860 km with the Caddy Maxi are possible. A diesel car would laugh at it.

However, it can compete quite well against pure gasoline engines. Except the price no disadvantages? No, the loader space is completely retained by the TGI, but it has a slightly lower ground clearance than even the lowered TDI BlueMotion. Difficult is, however, the higher empty weight of approx. 150 kg or 200 kg, which reduces the payload compared to the normal Caddy accordingly. The Maxi-Caddy TGI obviously has a harder suspension and therefore only loses about 50 kg.

There is considerably more favorable competition from Fiat and Opel, comparable in size and engine performance and available in two heights. However, with 100 kg less payload and already to the smaller Caddy about 20 percent less tank content, the Maxi 70 percent. Perhaps even more annoying are the 22 g/km more CO 2. 8 of them, however, the DSG variant would eat up. So it does not always have to be more expensive to do something for the environment.

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