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2020 VW Caddy

'What have you grown up', one could call him when thinking of the first generation of 1979. Why is a Caddy so high? Because potential buyers normally start from the cargo area. Craftsmen as buyers appreciate height there anyway, because they might fill the car with tools and might also be able to operate better in it, even if they can't stand.

Recreational users can accommodate all kinds of sports equipment such as bicycles in normal position. Otherwise, a person can be transported in a wheelchair without having to leave it. The front sitters don't really benefit from this except for a better feeling of space and a few (unnecessary) additional storage boxes.

Thanks to the very low loading sill, the tailgate is so large that you should keep a certain distance when parking.

Since classic VANs based on normal passenger cars are selling out slowly, the Caddy should actually have more of a chance, but the competition from vans, which are becoming more and more car-like, is big, if you think of PSA with Opel, Citroën, Ford, and Fiat, for example But maybe the Caddy will be more successful in its transformation to a VAN for families and sportsmen.

It has already been built 3.3 million times, now repeatedly in Poland, following an odyssey of production facilities in Europe, USA and South Africa. The Caddy will continue to be available in two lengths of 4.5 and 4.85 metres. It has become slightly wider and less high. With a petrol engine, of course the 1.5 litre model, and three Diesel engines, all probably 2 litres, from 55 up to 90 kW are possible. Hybrid and natural gas come a little later.

Actually, a facelift would have been the order of the day since the generation change in 2015, but VW expects it to belong to a new generation. With the platforms you sometimes don't know what's going on. This is also the case here, where the car is said to be based on the Mobile Quer baukasten (Mobile transversal kit), but still drags along its rear rigid axle, at least with screw instead of leaf springs.

Now also available as California (30.000 € without citchen).

But since there is also supposed to be a version with four-wheel drive, the world of the MQB seems to be okay there again with normal twist-beam or multilink. At present in 2020 only two variously powerful Diesel engines with manual gearboxes are offered. Even inside, the Mobile Infotainmentbaukasten seems to be the same. We start with the Caddy Cargo, sales price beginning at 21.400 € without ACC (+1.540 €). However, even the tyre pressure control has to be paid extra.

With the now narrower luminaires, there is even more space left for the mouse-grey bumper with its integrated radiator grille. At the top, it is completely sealed with the material of the bumper. It is the cheapest version with steel rims, only one sliding door and a completely closed loading space except the windows at the rear.

The optional LED light is neither self-switching to low beam for oncoming traffic nor is there a matrix version. Even though the LED light in the back may remind you of certain Mercedes Vitos, they have given it a completely different interior design. In addition, the opening at the rear is always very large, no matter if it is a tailgate or two unequal doors, there is only the height left for light design, if you want to stay at low cost on the fixed part of the bodywork.

In addition, the huge glass pane reaches far down. For example, the bead coming from the front must be interrupted at the back with an extensive depression underneath. To compensate, there is an even larger recess at the back, more than is necessary for a number plate. No, opening lever, VW emblem and camera are arranged separately, the latter are also not so well protected against dirt by a rigid arrangement at the bottom behind the rear window.

The VW emblem combined with the opening of the tailgate would probably have slipped down too far. Now it is almost in the field of the windscreen wiper. By the way, when ordering, you should pay attention to whether the the version finally chosen really looks the way you want it to, because there are also much simpler lighting units, especially in the van versions. For the now completed electrification of the sliding doors and tailgate, there is a new argument, namely that it is quieter in relation to the neighbourhood.

The Caddy is available with a 1,4 m2 large panoramic roof. it is fixed and not meant to be opened. This is not a disadvantage, but the missing sunblind is.

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