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VW ID.Buzz - Autonomous

Actually, this is about autonomous driving, which is also being practiced in Munich, but by the way we see the real image of a prototype of the ID.Buzz. While other manufacturers deliberately do without some of the sensors, they are available here in large numbers:

Fourteen cameras
Six lidar sensors
Eleven radar sensors

The collaboration with Argo AI, which probably came about via Ford, is obviously bearing its first fruits. In 2018, they had still entered into a partnership with Mobileye. In addition to VW commercial vehicles, the Volkswagen subsidiary MOIA is also involved, which has 'extensive experience in the field of mobility services and fleet management'.

They plan to have the first ID.Buzz Autonomous Driving deployed by MOIA. There are already some test tracks in Germany. Most recently, a regular trial run was seen in the Karlsruhe - Heilbronn interconnection. At MOIA, the focus will probably rather be on Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover, where they have been represented since 2018. VW announces Hamburg as the first city for the deployment of the ID.Buzz AD.

Argo AI now has 1,200 employees and was probably the first to be in a relationship with Ford before VW joined them. VW calls it a 'global company for autonomous vehicle technology platforms'. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But they are also represented in Dearborn (Michigan), Cranebury (New York) and of course Palo Alto (California). Argo AI is also testing on public roads in several large cities.

In Neufahrn near Munich, Argo AI has a development center where they work together with VW Commercial Vehicles. At Munich Airport one has a nine-hectare, closed course. The presentation took place at the "New Auto Night" of the Volkswagen Group on the eve of the IAA Mobility 2021.

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