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Anyone who has ever traveled to Turkey is no stranger to the national pride there. There is virtually nothing that is not technically possible there. President Erdogan may have just lost the local elections, but he still plays a major role in the economy.

He appears to be the main person responsible for bringing together the four companies Anadolu Group, BMC, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding, each of which holds 23 percent of the shares in the company founded in 2018. That leaves 8 percent for the Union of Chambers and Stock Exchanges TOBB.

3.5 billion euros will be invested in automobile production and 2.2 billion euros in the upcoming battery production, including the production of cells, which will initially be carried out by the Chinese company Farasis in Germany. Everything is controlled less by private and more by state initiative, including the waiver of dividends until 2033.

The CEO is Gürcan Karakas, who gained his merits in the electric car division at Bosch. Turkey has been a manufacturer for around 60 years, but now it is also a developer and producer. However, the design comes from Pinifarina in Italy. An SUV and a larger fastback sedan are already planned or in production.

Such production, which will already be predominantly dependent on Turkish suppliers, is also very helpful in the development of electromobility in Turkey. It will be interesting to see how severe the loss of skilled workers from other industrial sectors will be and whether and when production will reach profitability.

The pre-orders for the SUV were so huge that the first 20,000 vehicles (SUV Togg T10X) were raffled off at a price of 47,500 euros. It was promised and probably kept that this number of cars would be delivered by the end of 2023. There are even plans to have one million electric cars per year by 2030.

Due to the enormous demand at the moment, Togg vehicles will probably not be delivered in Germany until 2025 or, more realistically, 2026. The plan is to get the teething problems out of the cars first and then initially serve the Scandinavian market. Ultimately, they even want to offer competition to Tesla.

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