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2023 Subaru Crosstrek

If we weren't visibly moving towards the electric age, this would certainly be an attractive car for some people, including families. However, of the terms 'hunting and dog' only 'hunting' remains.

This means that the car, like all Subarus, has excellent all-wheel drive properties, but the space has suffered compared to its predecessor, the XV. The luggage compartment without folding down the rear seat backs has shrunk by 35 or 70 (since 2011) liters.

However, the maximum possible luggage space has increased slightly.

The coupe-like roof that slopes towards the rear was also present on the predecessor. The rear seats are not suitable for tall people either in terms of height or legroom, if the front ones are adjusted accordingly, so you have to be considerate.

The off-road characteristics were also praised by the testers who tried the car off-road, even though the front lower edge has an angle of driving slope of more than 10° compared to the rear. But overall there is enough height.

The combustion engine is said to have become quieter, but also has 15 kW (20 hp) less power, roughly what the mild hybrid could add if necessary. Unfortunately, no one tell us the size of the battery. If the electric motor really helps when driving, the CVT transmission would make perfect sense, just not if it is artificially graded due to concerns in this country.

So there is only one engine and still four equipment lines. However, you have to look for what the lowest one doesn't contain with a magnifying glass. The speedometer is still analog, although it is no longer clear whether this should be criticized. The bare essentials can still be reached at the push of a real button, but there are also fake ones left and right of the 11.4-inch center display.

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