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2019 Škoda Superb iV

We just had it, this hybrid drive. It also comes in the new Golf, but in two versions, a bit less and a bit more performance. It shouldn't be that much cheaper. It's worth taking a look at the big Škoda. And when even the Czech Prime Minister receives such a car, it can almost count itself among the luxury class.

Perhaps Škoda's electric mobility can soon be called simply clever. There is already one, the Citigoe iV. So there's still a little 'e' attached to vehicles with only electric drive. The 'iV' will probably be as nebulous as 'iq' at VW. We simply assume i intelligent Vehicles. By the way, it should result in a sub-brand and considerably offer more than corresponding vehicles.

Now here is the second product, also urgently needed in e-mobility, carrying the price tag ahead. Somewhat short of the range, but 20 km pure electric driving to a workplace without and 40 km with charging are possible even at winter times. Also the tank has lost a quarter of its capacity. but refuelling (on long distances) is fast.

But the car offers a lot of space, even more as Combi (+€ 1000) and amenities such as a two-zone automatic climate control already in the basic version. And if one wants to take advantage of the environmental bonus in Germany and the subsidy, it lands at € 38,305. In view of front radar, city emergency brake function and extended speed control, you will be amazed. On top of that there's the Adaptive Damping and there's the one would have to ponder which manufacturer would offer this already in the basic version. 10/19

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