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Seat 2000

In 2000, Seat is 50 years old. Meanwhile, Walter de Silva, the became famous especially by the Alfa 156, has changed to Seat and at the Geneva Motor Show already presented the first samples of his skill. Ibiza and Cordoba feel on the Polo platform so well that latter wins the German Rally Championship as WRC version.

With Cordoba and Leon will carried out several record rides to win still more public favour. This is also why one celebrates the fourth consecutive production record in 2000. Again a Cupra, this time as 'R' in the Leon as strong as never was a Seat and gets more performance as successful racing version. Additional, the frugal pump-nozzle diesel in each model including Arosa.

Again appeared a new model under the Seat brand, the Altea on base of Golf 5 as Multi Sport Vehicle or better even minivan. Of course there is the third new edition from the Toledo and the second from Leon. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Group has divided and Seat comes under the care of Audi, not bad together with Lamborghini eg. 09/13