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Seat 1960 - 1969

Up to 1960, the total production figures rose to 100.000 with about 36.000 in 1960 itself. The number of employees had in fact, doubled since 1957 and the production plants had become distinctly more modern, as one can see by comparing the pictures from the 1950s- and 60s.

In 1964, they graduated into the class of the larger European manufacturers with the production of 300 cars per day. Surprisingly, Columbia was Seats first foreign market. A further Fiat model was taken over, the 1500 Estate. In 1966 the Seat 850 was introduced and in 1967 the company had 14.500 employees. They offered the customers payment by installments and had their own financing company.

Once again, parallel to Fiat, the Seat 124 was introduced, although not technically outstanding, an exceptionally successful model. It was this model, the millionth car, that was raffled off in a television-show. The number of countries to which they were exporting increased, they now had 20.000 employees and were making 3.500 cars a year. 11/12