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Seat 1950 - 1959

It was in the year 1950 that the Sociedad Espana de Automoviles de Turismo S.A. was founded. 51 percent of the required 600 million Pesetas was held by the state, 42 percent was held by 6 Spanish banks and 7 percent by Fiat. The 200.000 m² big factory was developed in the area called 'Zona Franca', not far from Barcelona.

The name sounds like the founder of the company Fiat. Production facilities in Spain (also by other companies) were necessary because the import of complete vehicles was covered with high taxes. At Seat, more vehicle components were manufactured than in production facilities of other manufacturers, which had partly only tasks in the finishing.There were also significantly in the course of time Spanish versions of Fiat models and new models, which also went for export.

In 1951 it was simply a large production line. In 1953 the inauguration and the production of the first Seat 1400 took place. Just under 1000 employees produced 5 1400s daily. Those who thought it was simply an assembly plant for the Italian Fiat company, had to think again, after all, the Spanish suppliers were represented with 93 percent.

In 1954, with 3000 vehicles, the production had more than doubled, the amount of employees was similar. This was also the case in 1955. In 1956 the production increased to 10.000 cars. With approx. 240 working days per year, this meant 42 cars per day. After 1957, with the appearance of the Seat 600, it meant that perhaps one of the 5.000 workers could afford to buy his/her own car. 11/12