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2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Sales of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are apparently so successful that they are now producing in two shifts at the Global Centre of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence at Goodwood, West Sussex.

This can only be an entry-level model for Rolls-Royce, already grown in length by about 15 cm, a little higher and wider. No, it has not become correspondingly heavier. BMW claims that there is now a separate RR platform, but the wheelbase has remained exactly the same.

The engine is still a V12, now with a good 150 cm3 and 70 Nm more. The basic power output has remained, and is also quite sufficient, as the driver is shown the display of the remaining power in percent instead of a rev counter. The eight gears of the automatic transmission have also remained, only all-wheel drive is now mandatory.

Yes, the doors still open in opposite directions, electrically opened and closed as before. The key bears the additional colour on its back, identical to the line along the side beading, the decorative stitching and certain areas of the seats. Such surfaces even appear in the doors, depending on the exterior colour, e.g. violet for white, light brown for green (picture below).

Those who know the predecessor will probably welcome the rather changed design. Space has even been left for the number plate. Nevertheless, the radiator grille has lost hardly any of its imposing appearance. The Emily now resides through an opening in the bonnet. Everything looks tidier and more harmonious, including the rear.

Finally, a car that justifies the large outlets on the left and right of the rear by an appropriate engine design. Of course, a Rolls-Royce has a large tailgate, but leaves the rear window where it is. As a reminiscence of earlier times, there is still the option of colour contrasting the roof along with the front and rear bonnets.

Why do we like so many things about the new Ghost, even though we will never be able to afford it, because it has already cost over €35,000 more. Yes, we're not exactly spoiled by the previous design and normally there are only out-of-the-ordinary things in such vehicles. But look at the dashboard, everything where it belongs with controls via the centre console.

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