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That the Twingo is a compact car, is probably obvious from the picture above. If you go through the pictures below for a while, you will also recognize the women's car in the Twingo, at least the pictures of Renault aim for it. You can see the interior more detailed in our video below.

Minivan, it is called in its first performance. Thus, Renault says to have discovered a new class of vehicle. Below are very short cars, but not necessarily flat, showing hardly hood, but which roofline is determined above the engine. If then a hatchback is added and there are no gaps in the engine compartment, you wonder how much interior space to just three and a half meters length arises.

Detriment of the story, Renault offers the car in the early years with only one engine, because the other from the model range does not fit. But what one has on a lot of air in the engine compartment except during chrashtest. Below the line remains an economical car, combining for such a lightweight in a rare manner good riding with spring characteristics.

The short car comes up with a rather interesting interior concept (picture above). It starts with a rear seat being movable in the direction of travel by 17 centimeters. It can be folded completely to the front or its backrests far back. If you remove the front headrests, you can make a two meter long lying surface with an elevated headboard. 11/17

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