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2021 Megane e-tech

Let us indulge in prejudice for a moment, please. What does that tell you when you expect a car that was designed in France? Exactly right: Chic and unique, the former can be seen e.g. at the front. Anyone who has never raved about gold on the outer skin of a car could begin to totter by this combination with white. If you don't, you can also order other combinations.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with the rear window. Here culminates the undoubtedly low height of 1.5 meters for a battery crossover, a sloping roof line and a relatively high greenhouse in a rear window in mini format. Does it make sense that soon you will only be able to look outside with a camera?

Not necessarily chic, but definitely worth considering is to combine all the technology outside of the battery at the front under a hood and to do without a Frunk (front trunk). This creates a larger rear. But it is almost a peculiarity to provide it with a high loading sill, which, however, can also be found to be good for the stability of the body.

It is also unusual how deep the front seats are mounted. If praiseworthy in order to achieve the low height already mentioned, but what do we do with the feet of those sitting in the back? In contrast, the lack of a central armrest is a trifle. Chic on the other hand, how the designers configured the dashboard with the air conditioning system moved into the engine compartment. But can the praise be extended to the steering wheel overloaded with levers?

It's nice that the battery is so flat, but 40 or 60 kWh are actually no longer state of the art for an electric crossover vehicle. It is logical that still an acceptable time of 0 to 80% is achieved here with marginal 130 kW maximum charging power. And then, with the help of the new CMF-EV platform, this technology is also used throughout the group. And all of this for a car that cannot be ordered until 2022. One would wish for Carlos Ghosn to return to the post of CEO.

The recycling rate in the EU has been 95 percent since 2015, so hardly worth mentioning in advertising.

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