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2021 Renault Kangoo

This is the third generation since 1997. 4.2 million kangoo keep up the genre of box-shaped vans with plenty of interior space in the truest sense of the word. Mercedes probably helped develop it in order to be able to take it over fairly completely as a Citan, for example.

At 4.5 m, it has not only become 20 cm longer, there will also be a version almost 5 m in length. The roof rails have another special function, because they offer also foldable cross braces at the same time. Unlike usual, the longitudinal braces are retained.

Despite always having two sliding doors, in case of taller people is limited the knee space at the front and rear and the folding space for the rear seat backrest, presumably to gain more luggage space. Its variability is almost unmatched thanks to the low floor or lower loading sill and also the foldable passenger backrest.

LED light is available, the instruments behind the screen are analog, can be combined with an eight-inch touchscreen in the middle. But be careful, the Kangoo starts with two comparatively high quality equipments. The others will follow.

Also two more powerful diesel engines, strongly recommended instead of the gasoline engine because of the presumably higher consumption if you plan to drive a lot of long distances. Also a dual clutch transmission will then be possible. Also planned, a purely electric version with a 44 kWh battery.

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