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Renault - History 4

Although no Renault has dared, similar to Citroen, the adventurous tour to Beijing, but on other continents, such as South America and Africa. Until about 1930, the French automotive industry it was excellent. Renault founded a customer service school and a society for the supply of spare parts.

But then the hot streak tore off. Because obviously, the production of cars was oversized in France, unlike eg to Germany. Both countries were doing badly after the global economic crisis. In addition, the commitment of the American car manufacturers on the European market grew.

At that time France had a relatively higher car density than Germany, 1.1 million to almost 0.5 million. However, France also had a lower population density, so usually needed more automotive mobility. The crisis caught Renault with the Primastella, Primaquatre, Reinasport, Monaquatre and Vivaquatre, so a wide range of products.

The commitment in aircraft engines led even to a supervisory board seat at Air France. It was the time in which there are up to 6 million unemployed in Germany, not least one reason for the seizure of power by the Nazis. In France, there were strikes with deaths early 1934. In contrast to Germany, there was in France with the victory of the Popular Front a shift to the left in 1936. The willingness to strike increased.

1935 Renault's 'favorite enemy' Andre Citroen died.

Over the years, Renault falls back to the third place in the automotive production. One year after the presentation of the Juvaquatre, there was even a production record in 1938 but the heaps of unsold vehicles grew already a year later. All this was not expressly true for the truck production.

1938 still came out a Renault eight-cylinder.

The export was also difficult. Central Europe was preparing for a war, Germany then began in 1939. Renault first produced tanks. 1940, the Germans had overrun France and Louis Renault had to decide either to work for the occupiers or liquidate the business. Secretly the future 4CV was developed. 11/13

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